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  1. Ooh that was nice. I like where you took the story line. Many nice little ideas bouncing around in Darcy’s head. Could he have been wrong about Jane? Imagining Elizabeth as his wife. Love it!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Patty. With us not really knowing what all he did during those silent months, it’s fun to speculate!

  2. Thank you for this. I also very much enjoyed the interaction between the Darcy siblings. Oh, Caroline. She is so cruel to manipulate Georgiana in this way.

  3. Why doesn’t Darcy figure out that Caroline Bingley is not a nice person. To tell Georgiana such a lie and then reinforce it with Darcy’s supposed support for the idea is reprehensible. Darcy should have turned around and taken care of Caroline that minute. But, he did give Georgiana the reassurance she needed. So much would work out better if the Darcy siblings would just talk to each other more often.

    • Thanks, Maggie! I think Darcy is getting a clue about Caroline, but because she is his good friend’s sister, he can’t do too much about it.

  4. Poor Georgiana….the idea that Caroline will make the poor girl so uncomfortable is just unforgiveable! It makes me wish Darcy wasnt so proper all the time. I would love to see him just slap her!

  5. Darcy’s actions in helping to remove Charles have empowered Caroline to step even further beyond the pale. Not only is he and Charles paying the consequences but Georgiana! Loved being inside his head Kara…thank you!

    Also, thank you again for this wonderful ‘Jane in January’ event and the prizes too! FYI I have all of Jane Odiwe’s books, so don’t enter me in the draw.

  6. Tsk Tsk, Miss BIngley!

    I am in Canada which would make me International! Of the options available to me, I have most of the books. If you could put my name in for: 1 copy of “Project Darcy,” 1 copy of ”Searching for Captain Wentworth,” and 1 copy of “Mr Darcy’s Secret” , that would be wonderful!

  7. Thanks Kara for a grand scene! Please do not enter me for any of the prizes but can’t pass the opportunity for some good hearted Caroline bashing! She really is needed as a foil in the story – but Darcy is truly safe from her since even a compromise would be laughed off by society.

    So where is the serious competition for Elizabeth? None of the eligible women in the Ton have her personality and intelligence? I would suspect they were out there, but buried in proper society etiquette where he did not notice. What if while in London at this point he met Elizabeth’s equal but where that woman had been raised from the cradle to be the mistress of a grand estate? Would his feelings for Elizabeth override his ‘duty’? Would a bluestocking be a good match for him? There are some stories that wend around this scenario and I hope there are more in the future!

  8. Caroline’s desperation for a match with Darcy is pretty transparent with this particular scheme or hers, and it’s unfortunate that it’s at Georgiana’s expense. Aside from Caroline’s unpleasant personality, this manipulation would be enough to scuttle any chance she might have. It’s too bad that she’s not perceptive enough to realize this.

    I’m in the US, and already have most of the books listed. The P+P paperdolls intrigue, however…

  9. What a treat this story behind the scenes, is! I loved how you show Caroline’s conniving with a party of all married folks except for she and Darcy and Georgiana and her brother! Very clever and telling if Darcy will notice what’s going on! An outstanding scene for me was the sweet conversation between Darcy and the elder Mr. Hogan where he speaks so lovingly about his wife… eliciting Darcy’s thoughts about Elizabeth! Nice touch! And I am always impressed with how excellently your writing accurately depicts our favorite characters!

    I’m not sure how to work the “raffle copter”, but except for the magnets, notecards and the classic hardcover of Persuasion, I believe I already have most all the books and don’t need to be entered for those… It is a pleasure just to read these creations!

    • Thanks so much, Carol! With the rafflecopter, all you need do is enter your email address and check that you commented (or tweeted or visited our fb group page.)

  10. What fun. This is indeed a good diversion and love the characterization of Miss Bingley as the conniving psuedo-friend/fiend that she is. Although Darcy’s manners and position would never allow him to reprimand her, it would be great fun to read that encounter!

  11. Caroline Bingley is the character I love to hate. She never stops her plotting against the Darcys. The fact the Darcy finds Elizabeth always in his head and heart, and Georgiana has no intention towards Charles Bingley, I hope that someone ( namely Darcy) gets in her face. She needs a very much needed put down. His feelings give us hope.

    • She definitely needs a set down, but at least we know he stands up to her at Pemberley when she makes her comment about never finding any beauty in Elizabeth. Thanks for your comments, Carol!

  12. I think the one thing about Darcy (even canon Darcy) that cracks me up is how Austen wrote him as the sweetly clueless man that most of them are in this situation. Yes, Caroline is a manipulative harpy and wants the everlasting tie a Georgie/Charles match would create. Hello? And he is just as clueless at Charles and Jane though he does ruminate on Bingley being “as miserable” as Darcy himself. It’s so lovely when Darcy finally sees all the colors in the rainbow and acts accordingly. =D Love this closeness between the Darcys. I think they would have had to have it since all they had was each other.

  13. Glad you enjoyed it, Stephanie! He has been clueless, and it’s odd, when he is so wary of women who might only be after his fortune, that he barely considers Caroline guilty of that, as well. Thanks for your comments.

  14. Sheeesh! Caro has some nerve speaking for Darcy and telling Georgie that they would live for her to marry Bingley. She oversteps her bounds! What a manipulative witch. Darcy needs to give her a cut, in public. Although, being friends with Bingley will probably prevent him from doing so. Hmmmm….hearing the elderly gentlan talk so lovingly of his deceased wife puts Elizabeth in Darcy’s mind. Wake up, sir!
    Anyway, Kara, I loved this and am glad Darcy reassured his sister that it is not his idea for them to marry and to ignore what Caro said.
    I am a US resident. I have recently acquired Searching for Captain Wentworth as a paperback. If Jane’s books are ebooks I have them all as ebooks. Thank you all for the generous give always this month.

  15. This was a great scene! I love it when Darcy “pines” for Elizabeth. And to think,she is pretty much bored at home at Longbourn while he is struggling with his feelings in futility. Caroline shows a glimpse of her true colors. Hers is also an exercise in futility. Funny how they will both fail…

    • Thanks, Ellie! Unfortunately, the cards were given away in week 1, the week 2 giveaways are listed above the rafflecopter box. 🙂

  16. Oh my, is it bad that I love to read Darcy in despair? I adored the widower and Mr. Darcy’s delight and torment that resulted.

    It has been ages since reading ‘Only Mr. Darcy will do’ and ‘Assumed Engagement’ I think that I will have to re-read them!
    Thank you for the glimpse!

    • Thanks Meredith! I’m glad you enjoyed this little snippet, as well as those 2 books. I hope you are entering the giveaway thru rafflecopter for a chance to win my last book, “Pirates and Prejudice” or another book by one of our many talented authors.

  17. I really enjoyed this. I’ve long been crazy to know how and when Darcy told Georgiana about Elizabeth, as he clearly had to do before he took Georgiana to met Elizabeth in the room at Lambton, so eagerly await more on this topic that you appear to be leading up to. PLEASE DO NOT KEEP US LONG IN SUSPENSE!

  18. Rafflecopter won’t let me say I commented. Also the Rafflecopter that is on the page is the one for Week One, and it gives the Week One prizes.

    • Beatrice, if you click on the buttons on the bottom of the text with the first week prizes, they will take you to the rest of the prizes. And I wanted to comment on your first comment about telling Georgiana. I think that would be a great idea, and I’m tossing it out to the other authors to see if anyone wants to write that! We know he did tell her, so it would be great to know when and how! Thanks!

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