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  1. I am a HUGE fan of anything Tudor, and my favorite is Henry VIII and his six wives. So I would have to say that my favourite scandal in history is when Anne Boleyn was beheaded for being unfaithful to the King. I don’t think she did any of the things they accused her of, but what happened to her affected not only her family (including her cousin Katherine Howard), but also the ability of Henry to find new wives (as in one telling him “I would if I had 2 heads”). Besides that scandal I would say my other favourite scandal is the Marie Antoinette diamond necklace scandal. She was a very interesting queen to me as well. In my opinion what Wickham did was nothing compared to being beheaded for things that most likely didn’t even happen. But thanks, love Wickham as a character 🙂

  2. Mr. Wickham, Methinks you doth protest too much! You know you could put some of that money aside in the 3 percents…

    As for scandals, I’m sure you are aware of the many indiscretions of the Prince Regent. Mrs. Fitzherbert comes prominently to mind!

  3. I must agree with Erika. Tudors! So much scandal there. Thank you Wickham for the giveaway, although we all know giveaway goes against your very nature. Fortunate for us, you have generous people around you. I look forward to reading.

  4. I also would choose Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. I have always been interested in them and have read multiple books, both nonfiction and fiction, watched many of the movies and am a fan of the show The Tudors.

  5. As we are about 24 hours away from a new president of the United States, I’m reminded of a political scandal of the highest order…Watergate. Break ins, cover ups, deep cover witnesses, and the fall of an American President. A horse race is one thing George, but the fall of a world leader is scandal indeed!

  6. How about scandals from the world of sports?

    I give you:
    Shoeless Joe Jackson
    Tonya Harding!

    Not people George would know, but someone who was bribed to lose and
    someone determined to win no matter what!

  7. At the moment, I cannot think of any scandals that have not already been mentioned. Mayhap a glass of brandy would help me remember…

    How about Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson?

  8. I have oftened wondered if Edward VIII regretted giving up the throne “for the woman he loved”. I think he did but had no choice because Wallis was just too powerful of an influence over him. Even your scandal with Lydia Bennett, George, could not top this one! Thank you for the giveaway.

  9. My favorites are mostly financial or medical. Sadly, those affected lost much with no certainty of recovery. Surely Bernie Madoff and his non-investment of investor funds, some of whic were invested by charities, was entirely reprehensible. I don’t recall the name of the pharmacist who diluted cancer treatments so he could charge for full treatments while selling percentages. Sadly many of the innocents here actually died.

  10. Hmm, Mr. Wickham, I wonder. Was that glass or three of brandy you partook of with the jockey just as innocent as a certrain trip to Ramsgate the year before you acquired your leg shackle?

    As to other scandals, I too am fascinated by the abdication of Edward VIII, so that he could marry Wallis Simpson, especially have seen these events surrounding it depicted in The King’s Speech and more recently The Crown. One wonders how he would have been seen by history if he’d remained King, especially during the trials we suffered during WWII, when his brother, as George VI, and his Queen Consort were seen as a source of inspiration for the general populace. If he hadn’t abdicated and not been allowed to marry “the woman he loved”, would he have married someone else? If he HAD been allowed to marry Wallis AND remain as King, our current Queen would still have become Queen eventually, assuming that no heir was born (the Duke and Duchess of Windsor remained childless). It would just have happened twenty years later.

      • Ah, The Crown! I understand that a thespian gentleman whose name is often associated with my own might be making an appearance in a future instalment.

        • If that’s the gentleman I think you mean, I shall be attending an event in which he features very soon and which I’m very much looking forward too.. I shall certainly be looking for his prescence in The Crown when next it appears on television (are you aware what that is, Mr. W?) and am very curious as to who he will be portraying.

          • Television is a mystery to me, I must confess; I believe he is portraying a naval gent, though my esteemed editor would likely be able to tell you far more than I!

  11. My favorite scandal,is fiction from the middle ages. That of Sir Lancelot and Kung Arthur’s Gueneviere which ultimately caused the ruin of the round table and the death of Kung Arthur.

  12. Oh, there are too many scandals in this world to name even half of the worst, so I’ll just answer that almost anything political contains some scandal! Not that our current President of The United States of America was my first choice, but since he was fairly and legally elected, I consider the rubbish that continues happening around the White House, and the way some people are trying to tear this Nation apart, rather than allow peace and progression is extremely scandalous! As well as rude, selfish, and very dangerous!

  13. My hearty congratulations to Carole in Canada, whose name I plucked from my well-filled saddlebag. You have won an ebook copy of The Crown Spire by my esteemed editor, Mrs Catherine Curzon, who asked that you contact her via her Facebook page at to arrange safe delivery!

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