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  1. I was surprised to see that S&S was number two! I’m an international reader, and am interested in Mr. Darcy’s Secret or Pirates and Prejudice. It seems almost greedy to request a certain prize…

  2. Thank you, Maria, for this concise and attractive summary of Jane Austen and her major works! I too am surprised that Sense and Sensibility is the second most popular!

  3. I always thought Emma was #2, although Persuasion is easily my second favorite behind P&P. I also thought there were more than 20 million copies of P&P sold. After all it’s been on market for 200 years!

    I would be happy to win any of these wonderful prizes, but first need to register for the Raffle Copter.

    p.s. I’m a Yankee!

  4. Wow, great post! I’m surprised S&S is the second-most popular.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I’m in the U.S. Please throw my name in the hat for the classic hardcover of Persuasion or the shopping bags.

  5. A very neat, concise but fact-filled summary, Maria. Very well done to condense it all down like that.

    Like many others, I’m surprised that S&S is second in the sales list. From what I’ve read on this site, and others, I assumed that Persuasion was most people’s second favourite and that it’s sales would reflect that.

    If I’m lucky enough to win this week, my preferences are for: Mr. Darcy’s Secret or The Treasure of Jane Austen. If Searching for Captain Wentworth is a paperback, then you can add that to the list but I already have it as an ebook. I’m in the UK so not eligible for most of the others and already have the remainder of the ones that I am eligible for.

  6. Thank you, Grace. I loved how succinctly and concisely this information was given. I always thought Pride and Prejudice was the longest and was also surprised to see that Sense & Sensibility was second in sales. I always thought it was Persuasion. I already have all Jane’s books as ebooks, but if in paperback they and the other items would be wonderful. Thanks to you all for your generosity.

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  8. It’s hard to believe the word counts came out evenly to a multiple of a thousand. So are S&S (20,000 words) and P&P (21,000 words) closer in word count than Mansfield Park (160,000 words) and Emma (159,000 words?) Does the Persuasion (88,000 words) count include both endings? I’m never satisfied with stats unless I get the lowdown.

    • I rounded the word counts to the nearest thousand because there were so many differing accounts of the exact number of words in each book. They all agreed by 1000’s, but different after that. And there wasn’t an ‘official’ count I could turn up that would definitively settle the score, so rounding seemed the best option.

  9. The Rafflecopter hates me and won’t let me do anything, so it doesn’t matter that I’m a Canadian resident but have a US address I can use. Anyway, it’s stuck on Week One as far as I can see.

    • Beatrice, all the weeks are entered together, so whether you entered the first day or the most recent day, all entries are eligible for that week’s prizes. Hope his makes sense! 🙂

  10. Very interesting to see it all laid out like this.
    I am US and in a state where plastic bags are almost illegal, so the reusable shopping bags are always nice. I have also been wanting to read “searching for Capitan Wentworth”.

  11. That’s a great pie chart showing the number of words in each of Jane Austen’s major works! I’ve never seen them all compared like that, and I think it’s really interesting.

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