The Proposal — 19 Comments

  1. Oh how sweet. I can’t believe that Jane found the courage to prompt Bingley to propose. That was a lovely setting and I can’t think of anywhere better. At least they didn’t have Mrs Bennet etc listening at the door! Thanks for sharing this Susan.

    • I know it was a bit out of character for Jane, but perhaps she got the message from Charlotte about needing to “help him on” in order to secure him. She might possibly be letting him know she would be receptive to hearing whatever he has to say in order to help him relax.

  2. Out in the garden was an excellent place for a proposal. Private area was so much better than in the drawing room with Mrs. Bennet flitting around like a bee. Bravo, Jane, all Bingley needed was encouragement. Thank you, Susan, for delightful Jane in January story

  3. Absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing about the proposal or that it took place in the garden – as long as it was out of ear shot of Mrs B!!!!!

  4. I don’t think there could be anything wanting when being proposed to in a garden! Lovely and Jane just giving him that soft nudge…thank you!

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