Jane Austen Regency Week pt. 3 — 10 Comments

  1. To see so many of you together was wonderful. I wonder what we would call a gathering of Austen Authors? A JAFF of authors? A musing of authors? A Regency of authors? A wonder of authors? An admiration of authors?
    There has to be something similar to “an exaltation of larks” for this group!

    • LOL! That’s a great question, Kathy! I just had to google it. Apparently there isn’t an official term, but suggestions included: a guild, an underpaid, a scribble, a content, a pen, a sentence and a composition. I rather like your ideas better! Thanks!

  2. It really was lovely to meet so many people I’d so far only ever met online, and also to meet again with old friends!

    I only wish I had had a bit more time with some of you!! Maybe next time?

  3. Forgot to say, I do love Kathy’s ‘musing’ of authors but I also liked a ‘pen’ of authors (although I suppose you could argue that sounds like we all belong in a ‘pen’ together!!!)

  4. It was really a great week! We had a lot of laughs and a lot of great discussions. I can’t wait to do it all again!

  5. I am selfishly wondering what wonderful tales and collaborations you all came up with who’s you were together. New ideas for a reader’s choice, perhaps?

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