Jane Austen Regency Week, part 2 — 17 Comments

  1. I loved our walks into Chawton as well. They were always full of good conversation and of course gorgeous homes. Thanks, Jane!

  2. I was once enroute to Chawton & got lost. I found myself in Alton, which was the friendliest place imaginable, plus they had a wonderful church bazaar. Chawton Cottage is always special, but Chawton itself paled in comparison to friendly and outgoing Alton!

    • Jane Hurst has a walking tour of Alton as well, but it was the final weekend. I couldn’t stay that long 🙁
      The people of Alton are very friendly. We met some wonderful people there during our stay. I’m glad you enjoyed it as you did. Thanks, Beatrice!

  3. Thanks for sharing this great tour – it looks like it was fascinating. It also looks like you had really nice weather which showed off everything even better.

    • The weather was excellent every day but Regency Day, so we couldn’t complain. I’m glad you enjoyed my little recap! Thanks, Kathy!

  4. I walked from Alton to Chawton straight after the Abigail Reynolds Workshop on the Tuesday. Aside from getting a bit lost. (Thank goodness for Google Maps). Even with my backpack I could feel the ambience of the place and the route she would have taken. I was so inspired I wrote quite a bit in the gardens of the house. Finally breaking my block. That entire day was inspiring and despite my travel problems I can’t wait to venture back in the near future.

    • I do think Chawton is an inspiring village. I was always just happy to get safely across the road by the roundabout and the train tunnel in Alton! That’s a tricky cross! Thanks, Laura!

  5. Any labels on who is in that last group of variation authors? Enjoyed reading of all the experiences and looking at the photos. Thanks for sharing, again.

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