Jane Austen and Sydney Gardens — 15 Comments

    • Thanks for the resource, Janet! I enjoyed researching Jane Austen and Sydney Gardens for my last book. I’ll have to look into reading this!

  1. A lovely glimpse at Sydney Gardens, Leslie, one of my favourite places in Bath. The book by Brenda Snaddon is very good-great for research!

    • I am looking forward to walking through Sydney Gardens when we finally make it to Bath! Fortunately, it’s one of those Jane Austen sites that we can visit that the rest of the family will enjoy! Thanks, Jane!

    • I am glad you enjoyed it! I love reading her opinion of the music and the gala. It was fun using it in my writing. Thanks, Sophia Rose!

  2. I probably will never have the chance to go, although I would love to. However, there are some great YouTube videos that make you feel like you are there. That and all the pics the authors put up.Thanks, Jen

  3. I’ll have to look at YouTube. I have only seen pictures online so far. I do love the old artwork that shows what the Sydney Hotel was like back in JA’s time! Thanks, Jen!

  4. I had. Ever heard of Sydney Gardens before. Thanks for the history lesson and glimpses of JA’s adventures there.

  5. Sydney Gardens sounds beautiful and the museum sounds fascinating. I am so glad they still exist. It’s amazing how much still exists from Jane’s time. I hope to one day to make it to England and to Bath. I am adding to a rather extensive list of places to visit. Thank you do much for sharing parts of Jane’s letters with this post.

    • My husband wanted to go to Bath sometime this month, but it won’t work out. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. The excerpts from Jane’s letters were my favourite part of researching Bath and Sydney Gardens for my book. Thanks, Deborah!

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