Interview With a Janeite, With Guest Katherine Schmitt — 25 Comments

  1. What a great addition to this site. Thank you, Austen Variations for doing this.

    Kathy, I enjoyed getting to know you better from your interview answers. However, I think I learned even more from the questions you chose to ask Abigail. Good for you for boldly asking about her next project. I was anticipating more details but…she knows how to keep a secret. Drat! I’m thrilled you are a grandma too and that you have stories of your own percolating in your head. Well done!

    • Thank you so much, Joy! I feel like I’ve been allowed to eat dinner at the grownups’ table. I appreciate your warm thoughts. Have an air conditioned weekend!0

  2. I really enjoyed this interview,Kathy.
    It was really great to read of your love of JAFF and Regemcy period books and your enthusiasm for all things Austen shines through your responses!
    Well done to all concerned for such a post,quite interesting and unique! 😌

    • Thank you, Mary. I kind of had my heart in my throat with my answers, so I really appreciate your good words and support. I wish you the best and hope you have an air conditioned weekend!

  3. I’m sorry, George, I should have said ALMOST every red coat. I think I’ll be busy waxing my driveway for the foreseeable lifetime. But thanks for the invite!

    • Alas, the fragrant Mrs Wickham shall be sorely disappointed – she is always delighted to be able to show off her bonnets!

  4. Katherine, it was a delight in meeting you! I have seen your name many times in the comments sections and they are always insightful ones! I love your sense of humor and enthusiasm. I do have one suggestion regarding your own heritage. You might want to try Marsha Altman’s P&P series (I have only read the first 4 so far and that was several years ago that I need to get back to) which eventually touches on some Jewish and Catholic history…among others. That is the only one I have read that I remember that does. Not being Jewish, I hadn’t really thought about that aspect, but there is enough in history out there that I don’t see why you couldn’t incorporate that into a story.

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your air conditioning as ours is on the fritz!

    • Thank you for your suggestions, Carole! I’m sure I am not the only one to think of this. I can’t see the Meryton society of “four and twenty families” is not the likely situation for a Jewish family but some kind of potential in London might work. I’m just thinking about this, as you can tell. In any event, I appreciate your interest. I am trying to keep cool and hope you are as well.

    • Thank you, Caitlin! I had a good time thinking through my answers and I have to tell you my 90 year old mother was really happy to see it. Now she has bragging rights for her friends!

  5. Wonderful interview! You handled our dear George quite nicely, Kathy. He likes to stop by from time to time because we have so many enchanting ladies visiting us. Your thoughts about a Jewish bent are interesting! I would love to see someone take that on someday as well.

    • Thank you for the entire experience, Nicole. I home many of my fellow Janeites are interested in signing up for future interviews now that the opening one has gone smoothly (my opinion!). If I may, I do suggest that you encourage the future interviewees to type out their answers in Word, please with the wording, etc. I felt much more confident because I could let my answers percolate before I turned them in. I’m glad I met you and had the opportunity to work with you!

  6. Thanks for participating, Katherine! I think it would be interesting to have a Jewish addition to a regency JAFF. In addition to Marsha Altman’s books, you can find Jewish characters in a couple of non-JAFF regencies – True Pretenses by Rose Lerner and Nita Abrams’s Courier series. Might give you an idea or two!

    • I enjoyed it too, Abigail. Thank you for the coaching and, certainly, for the lovely awards. I expect you will have brought three (or more?) new followers of JAFF when all is said and done. This was a super experience for me.

    • Thank you Leslie! This was a lot of fun for me, and I hope more Janeites will enjoy participating in future interviews. Now would you please have mercy on everyone who is following your series by moving up the pace of the installments? I mean really!!!

  7. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and your reasons for getting into JAFF Katherine. Also your interview with Abigail was fascinating (I love the way her characters become real😁) Sorry you couldn’t squeeze more details of the next book!
    I also think you are on a loser trying to get Leslie to speed up the instalments, I think she enjoys tormenting us too much (as well as being busy!). Thanks again.

    • I agree with you about Leslie! She has way too much fun drawing us into, and dragging us along, as she spins her tale. But such is the way of an author I suppose! Thanks for your good wishes.

  8. Great, interview! How fun to hear from one of the fans and Katherine, your questions and answers were awesome. I learned so much. Thanks everyone. Jen Red

    • Thanks Jen Red. I appreciate your feedback! I do hope you have put your name into the selection hopper. I had a lot of fun (and my 90 year old mother is thrilled). I hope you’re keeping coal.

  9. I’m late getting to this but well done Kathy! I do love your wit and knowledge and treasure your friendship. I am open to read any lovely words you have put together.

  10. In addition per Marsha Altman,the first sentence in her “About the Author” states she is “an author and historian specializing in Rabbinic literature.” Although I read them years ago, I distinctly remember a rabbi in one of them. I myself am a cantor and Jewish educator and love her books. There is also “Pride & Prejudice: The Jewess and the Gentile” by J.A. and Lev Raphael. The entire Bennet family is Jewish in that one. Even though you stated you are not as much into the modern books, you may want to try Paula Marantz Cohen’s books “Jane Austen in Boca”, “Jane Austen in Scarsdale”, and “Much Ado About Jessie Kaplan.” The main characters in these books are Jewish. I also hope to write a variation or modern retelling with some Jewish characters and I am also a grandmother, so we have some commonality in addition to Jane’s works.(You really must read them all – especially “Persuasion” if you haven’t already done so.) However, my mom’s only 87 so you’re ahead on that one. Anything to give our mom’s “Nachas” at their age is definitely worthwhile! Thank you for a charming interview … I enjoyed the entire thing. And what a treat to include Abigail as she is my favorite author after Jane herself. Thank you, Nicole for the interview blogs … and for everything else!

  11. Vikki, I am so sorry I missed your comments until just now! I had assumed that my 15 minutes in the sun had passed, thus I hadn’t read your kind note until a friend told me about it. I really appreciate your references and will look them up directly. Interesting concept, the Bennet family as tribe members. I was having real problems visualizing Mrs. B including Jews in her “four and twenty families”; clearly I need to think more creatively! I appreciate your time and, if you’re on Facebook, I would like to ‘friend’ you. Otherwise, shana tova umetuka!

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