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  1. What a delightful story! I can’t imagine what ‘private’ gift Lydia gave Margaret…..oh! To be a fly on the wall when she opens it!!!

    As for Master Harold visiting the mill? Seeing as he’s George’s grandson he’s going to be tempted to dally and tinker with things he knows he ought not.

    Perhaps he will cause consternation and confusion when he flirts with some of the young girls at the mill,causing them to err in their routine??

    On the other hand,he may become enamoured of the machinery,their mechanical rhythm beating out a tattoo that resonates within him,similar to the drills and marches that were so familiar to a young George W in the militia many years ago.

    He might have found his true calling and the source of funding to purchase and train his own horse at Epsom?

    This is probably too far fetched but who knows??? If he’s a Wickham,anything is possible!!

    Cheers for such an interesting post!!

  2. Well it seems that John is as appreciative of his wife’s gift as she is by the twinkle in his eyes. I imagine he will be there when she does open it. (I loved that he arrived earlier than stated as his mother noted!)
    And young Harry? Well if he takes after either if his grandparents there will surely be trouble ahead. Hopefully he won’t disrupt production too much.

  3. Ah the estimable Mrs.Wickham at last! It is just how I imagined her…’a cloud of white and gold’…lace, flowers and feathers! Mrs. Bennet would be so proud of her darling girl.

    Oh I do hope Mr. Wickham keeps a close eye on his Harry. Boys and the workings of machinery are a definite lure to their curiosity!

  4. I’m like everyone else…a bit worried about young Harry and the machinery at the mill. I’m hoping nothing ‘too’ disastrous happens. Oh, to be sure, there will be some flirting! lol

    The description of Lydia is so fitting. I love it.

    What was her gift to Margaret and what will her gift to Hannah be??? Questions. I do like the twinkle in John’s eye as if he suspicions just what that gift might be. Maybe we will all be privy to the opening of it! 🙂 HINT, HINT!

    I must say, I am enjoying this rather more sedate and mature George Wickham. He has mellowed ‘a bit’ with age. I’m liking him. (Never thought I would say that about dear old George!) Wouldn’t he hate me calling him that?! lol

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