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  1. Happy Anniversary!!Thank youbso much to you and to all J.A. best writers!! You give me a lot of wonderful days…so thank you. My best beloved characters are Lizzy and Darcy !!Have a nice day. Kisses from my sunny Italy. Barbara

    • Even though I love anything about Darcy and Lizzy, I have a real soft spot for Frederick and Anne. I would like to read The Earl’s Conquest or A Matter of Chance. I have not read your books yet and they sound intriguing. Thank you and all the other authors for maintaining this site. Love it!

  2. Since I think everyone will pick Lizzy and Darcy I would love to read about Anne and Frederick.

    My congratulations to all of you on your anniversary, I wish you have many more!

  3. I would like to read about Danny and Edmund. Mansfield Park is my second favorite book next to P&P. I agree that most readers will pick Elizabeth and Darcy and there are a lot of variations out there. It would be interesting to see what happens with some of the other characters.

    • OH! There is just not much Fanny and Edmund JAFF is there? Have you read Melanie Stanford’s short story in Then Comes Winter? I really enjoyed Melanie’s new take on Fanny. Thanks, Cathy!

  4. Thank all you JA writers for giving your followers something wonderful to read. Elizabeth and Darcy is my favorite couple.

    Happy Anniversary! πŸŽ‰ 🎊

  5. It has to be Darcy and Elizabeth for me. I just love all the stories about them. Do you have a list of authors to choose from for the prize? I’m really looking forward to the different posts this month so keep up the great work. May I also say that I don’t find time during my daily life to read JAFF stories more that I try to find time during reading to lead my daily life!!! πŸ˜πŸ“–πŸ˜Š

    • I decided at the last minute to do the giveaway, so it’s one of my books. I have copies of Rain and Retribution, A Matter of Chance, An Unwavering Trust, and The Earl’s Conquest. Thanks, Glynis!

      • Wonderful. I only have e copies of your books so would really love an actual signed copy of Rain & Retribution or An Unwavering Trust. Can’t wait for your next book. Thanks again 😊

  6. Forgot to say that my favourite all time characters are Darcy and Elizabeth and then Colonel Brandon and Marianne and finally Captain Wentworth and Anne Elliott.

    • I have such mixed feelings about Col. Brandon and Marianne, but there is a lot of room for a great story or post from them. Thanks, Michelle!

  7. I love to hear always about Darcy and Elizabeth, they are my favorite couple.
    About the book: An Unwavering Trust.
    Thank you

  8. I love Lizzy and Darcy, but there is a special place in my heart for Emma. I know she is a little snotty but there is something about a girl with an older father that panics to think she will leave home. Sounds sort-of like me…even the snotty part. Happy anniversary and I am so glad you all are out there.

    • I was the spoiled youngest with an older father, so I can relate a bit to Emma. My father never seemed to panic that I would leave home, rather he lamented that I was too independent. I never considered that a bad quality, but he wasn’t a fan. Thanks for the anniversary wishes, Maggie!

  9. Oh, decisions, decisions….I’m interested to read about ALL the couples! Happy Anniversary and looking forward to many, many more!!

  10. I have to admit that Darcy and Lizzie are my all time favorites but as we just lost Alan Rickman I would love to hear about Brandon and Marianne. It would be lovely to hear his voice in my head saying the written words. Alan will always be Colonel Brandon as well as Snape. After their wobbly start one would hope Mariannes love deepened and that they are truly happy.

    • Such a terrible loss! Alan Rickman was an amazing actor and had such a presence–even on the screen. Thanks, Constance!

  11. I am so happy I found this page a year or so ago. I look forward to receiving my email every time…wondering what interesting article I will read. I would like to know more about Caroline Bingley….does she ever get what she deserves and how does she handle not being the Lady of the house after Charles and Jane marry.

  12. Congratulations on this anniversary!
    I am very fond of the sweetness of Catherine Moreland and the humor of Henry Tilney,
    and always keep an eye out for JAFF stories
    about them. (Fortunately I do also love the
    Lizzie and Darcy and Anne and Frederick

  13. Congratulations on this anniversary
    My parents were once compared to Admiral and Mrs Croft who rent Kellynch from Sir Walter Elliot so I would pick a story with the Admiral and his wife in from Persuasion for JAFF.

  14. How about D&L or Anne and Wintworth or Mr. & Mrs. Bennet????? A signed book, although I have the e-book, I might like The Earl’s Conquest, or I could even wait until your “untitled” is read to go. Happy anniversary. Looking forward to great reads. Jen

  15. Congrats on the Anniversary!

    I think it would be interesting to revisit Wickham & Lydia.
    I always love visiting my favorites too – Emma & Knightly and Lizzy & Darcy.

    As always I look forward to reading what the team comes up with!

    • Wickham and Lydia are always interesting to re-visit. Has he reformed? Is she as silly? So many angles to explore. Thanks, Madenna!

  16. I have difficulty choosing between Emma and Mr Knightley as compared to Fanny and Edmund. There was a very good item last year, rational and kind, about the Knightleys and the Eltons, the year after the Woodhouse/Knightley marriage. i would b e very pleased to see that extended into a novel.

  17. Hmmm well…I love Mr. Knightley so he and Emma would be lovely…but I also feel a great deal of love for Col. Brandon (even though I think he and Elinor should have been together πŸ˜‰ ), so Col Brandon and Marianne would be sweet as well.

  18. Happy anniversary to all!! Love this website and all the authors who contribute. I spend many happy hours enjoying the fruits of your labor. I would like to check in with Jane and Charles on their anniversary. Maybe not their first, perhaps later as things get more complicated for them. Honestly they can’t be happy ALL the time!

    As to a signed book, the only one of yours I don’t have is A Matter of Chance so I think it would have to be that were I lucky enough to win. Thank you and happy writing!!

  19. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations to the Jane Austen Variations Blog. Here’s to many more years of successful books from the list here of my favorite authors. Darcy and Elizabeth are my favorites for JAFF. But I intersperse my reading of D&E with plenty of chances to get a glimpse of minor (? supporting role?) characters.
    I have a weak spot for the characters that after the books are done, are left with uncertain futures. I’d love to read a JAFF that gives Mary Crawford a happy ending. She must have experienced a pretty tough fall after Edward left her and stuck to his vocation. Hey, it’s all fiction. We were meant to dislike her, and I did. But whenever I think of MP I always feel uncomfortable about the end of the book. Fanny is happy in the end, but few others are. I’d especially like to read a Jack Caldwell version….hint, hint. But you all are so talented.

    Oh yes, by all means everybody, read the ‘The Three Colonel’ !!! Sigh…. I’ll be tuning in for every blog entry but especially on Feb 11. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Michelle. I know I’ve reformed a lot of folks, but Dark Lizzy might be too much even for me!

      One day my PERSUASION sequel, PERSUADED TO SAIL, will be released (a lot of work to do first), and MANSFIELD PARK plays a supporting role in that novel, along with SENSE AND SENSIBILITY (re-read THE THREE COLONELS to catch the clue about S&S). Hey, I am the King of the Crossovers!

    • Aw Shucks…I’m commenting on my comment. After reading others’ comments I realize I missed something in the original piece. Grrr. Try reading slower with fewer distractions…that would help.

      My new request for an ANNIVERSARY piece about a favorite couple would be Elinor and Edward.

  20. I would like to see Elinor and Edward’s anniversary. Although I adore Lizzy and Darcy, I have a soft spot for Elinor and Edward as well as Fanny and Edmund. πŸ™‚

    Happy Anniversary, Austen Variations!! I am so thrilled to have found you!!

    Susanne πŸ™‚

    • I do adore Elinor and Edward. I like to think I’m a lot like Elinor, but in a lot of ways I’m Marianne. I just don’t have that reserve. I think most people are a mixture, though. Thanks so much, Susanne!

  21. Congratulations and thank you for your creativity! We are certainly the lucky ones who reap the rewards of your efforts! I love Darcy and Elizabeth but I would love to see a story on Jane and Bingley. Then again, Kitty has always been a favourite despite her ‘cough’!

    As to which book…’An Unwavering Trust’ please if I should be so fortunate!

    Thank you!

  22. Hello everyone! Thank you so much for this website, I’m a medical student and this gives me a nice break from the real world:) I would love to see my traditional favorite couple, Elizabeth and Darcy. Thank you again! Keep up the wonderful work!

  23. Happy Anniversary ! I always want to read about Darcy and Elizabeth’s anniversary but think Mr. and Mrs. Bennet would be very, very funny. I have your books except The Earl’s Conquest so would love to win that one. Keep writing, please! I love your books.

  24. Happy Anniversary! I would enjoy reading about Darcy and Elizabeth. Pain and Retribution would be memorable. Wonderful giveaway and unforgettable books.

  25. If we can only ask for one couple’s anniversary, I would say Elizabeth & Fitzwilliam Darcy..of course. Otherwise, I would include Jane & Charles. Further, as a matter of curiosity….Lydia’s and Wickham’s anniversary. It’s hard to choose between AN UNWAVERING TRUST & THE EARL’S CONQUEST. If I can only win one…I’ll say AN UNWAVERING TRUST…and hope to get the other book some other time.

  26. Happy Anniversary!
    I’d love to read about Emma and Mr Knightly’s anniversary. An unexplored couple I think.
    As for a book – An Unwavering Trust πŸ™‚

  27. Well, my all time favorite is the Darcys, followed by the Wentworths, then the Tilneys. Looking forward to Jack’s versions for the latter two.

    Some mentioned minor characters. I have always felt sorry for Mr. Crawford. I have read a couple of books about him. Could he be redeemed?

    As to a paperback book, An Unwavering Trust.

  28. Happy Anniversary! I would enjoy reading about the anniversary of Darcy and Elizabeth. I would love a copy of An Unwavering Trust. Thank you for the giveaway.

  29. I love Darcy and Lizzie but would love to read about Anne and Frederick. Another that would be highly interesting (and maybe even challenging) Collins and Charlotte. I would love to have a copy of The Earl’s Conquest as I already have the others in paperback format. Thank you for the giveaway.

  30. Happy Anniversary, ladies and gent!

    Darcy and Elizabeth are my favorite but I would be really excited to read how any of Austen’s couples are celebrating their anniversaries! Many of them are underrepresented and I look forward to seeing the insight and ‘spin’ the AV authors will come up with for them.

    Thanks for the giveaway, Leslie! I think The Earl’s Conquest is the one I don’t have yet, so I’d choose that one.

  31. Happy Anniversary!

    What about least favorite couples? Such as Mr and Mrs Bennet after all the girls are gone? (or all but Mary… )

    Otherwise, Mr. Knightly and Emma or Darcy and Elizabeth.

    Thank you for sharing!

  32. Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam are my favorite couple but as many others have posted I would love to drop in on Anne and Frederick on their first anniversary…Has anyone ever written about them after the wedding?

    • I actually don’t remember if we covered their anniversary last year. Fortunately, with all of us, we can have a different take on them every year depending upon who writes the scene πŸ™‚ Thanks, Sheila!

  33. I would like to hear about one of the Wickhams’ anniversaries. We know that all can never be well with the two of them, but do they still have some jolly times? As for a prize, I think that I’d most like An Unwavering Trust, although The Earl’s Conquest also sounds good, and I have not read it. Thanks for offering a chance to win!

  34. Thank you for sharing with us. I like to read the Elizabeth and Darcy variations, but other “what if” scenarios are just as exciting. I’d like to read An Unwavering Trust or Rain and Retribution. Thanks again!

  35. Seeing as how just about all of the leading couples have had a vote, how about Louisa Musgrove and Captain Bentham or Henrietta Musgrove and Charles Hayter?

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