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  1. I’ve got the perfect Bingley, Alex Pettyfer, an English actor who starred in ‘I am number four’ and ‘beastly’ he sounds spot on for your Bingley. He looks scruffy, but handsome, he has an undeniable charm and a cheeky grin topped by wickedly sparkling eyes. He’d be perfect.

    • Lisa!!
      I did not know the name of that actor, but when I looked Alex up on IMDb, I recognized him immediately!! I’ve seen him in a few films (loved him in “I Am Number Four”) but didn’t realize until I read the bio that he was a British actor. SO ruggedly handsome — wow! An EXCELLENT suggestion 😀 .

  2. I do know “Going on a Bear Hunt” and use it with my PreK class. As for Binhlry’s character…Gerard Butler may be a good fit.

  3. If you are looking for good-looking and fun-loving, look no further than Tom Hiddleston! Most recently seen as Loki in the Thor movies, he is so adorable!

    • Oh, my goodness, Wendy, does that man ever look good in a suit!!! I just looked up a few pictures of him, and I remembered him in his “Thor” role as Loki, but I hadn’t seen him dressed in formalwear 😉 . I need to watch him in more movies…

  4. What about Tom Hiddleston? Though I have just noticed someone else has mentioned him. He came straight to my mind. He’s English, tall and dark. But please don’t make him act like the idiot Bingley in the 2005 film

    • Vesper,
      I just read your comment and Wendy’s…and I now have several windows open on my computer with pictures of Tom H!! He’s a fabulous choice and has such a playful look in several of these photos. There are a few interview clips I’m anxious to watch with him, too, just to observe his mannerisms.
      And I PROMISE not to make my Bingley idiotic 😀 . He’s clever, charming and good dancer; a little insecure but tries to cover it up with the appearance of ego; has a competitive streak and likes to make a bet or two…LOL.

  5. OK , this post is from April of last year. Are you still looking for images because I have already read the start of the Bingley and Jane book on line? I copied all those names so I can look up the eye candy and drool when I need some dreaming time. LOL We used to sing “Going on a Bear Hunt when I was a Brownie Girl Scout Leader”. Girls thought it was so funny.

    • Sheila,
      I am *ALWAYS* looking for images of good-looking men!! Seriously! When I wrote the post above, I was still gathering ideas and just doing some basic playing around with the Bingley and Jane’s storyline. I had other books I need to finish writing and publishing first, so I couldn’t work on it full time. I am now, though ( 🙂 ), and you can bet I’m still enjoying reading all of these great actor suggestions. So, if you have any more ideas — anytime! — please don’t hesitate to share!!

      • This actor is not English, Australian, Canadian nor American, but he has been on Sex and the City movie (shower scene) and Dancing With the Stars and is as sexy as they come. Giles Marini

        He is French. Also on Brothers and Sisters, daytime soap – don’t know the name as I don’t watch.

        • Oh, my goodness – yes!! I remember that shower scene, Sheila! My friend had already seen the “Sex and the City” movie in the theater and later bought the DVD. She invited a few of us to watch it with her at her house. And she paused the DVD (for effect!) during that particular scene…LOL. I didn’t know the actor’s name before, so thank you for sharing it, along with the IMDb link! LOVE it 🙂 .

    • Talia,
      The picture of Torrance on his website is *fabulous*!! Definitely got that clever/smoldering/playful look — and I *love* his eyes — wow!! With all of these wonderful new suggestions, I’m beginning to imagine my Bingley with a bit of facial hair now…I’m liking it a LOT on these handsome actors 🙂 .

        • That’s one of the things that been so interesting to me lately about seeing many of these actors in multiple roles — or at least in still shots of them dressed differently. I was truly stunned when I realized Tom Mison, as he was costumed in “Sleepy Hollow,” was the same actor who played Bingley in “Lost in Austen.” I’d really liked his variation on Bingley and thought him very handsome as that clean-shaven, well-dressed character. But as Ichabod Crane — with long hair, ragged clothing and facial hair — I had to admit that, to me, that look suited him more. It was fascinating to see the transition! 😉

  6. Hello Marilyn!
    When I read your book, the face that attached itself to your Bingley for me was Orlando Bloom!

    He definitely has the Darcyswoon factor!

    • Carol,
      I’m just seeing your comment and Chanpreet’s now!
      I agree wholeheartedly on Orlando Bloom — he has such a level of playfulness about him that I really love 😉 .

  7. Hmmm it might help me if I knew what your chosen Darcy looked like. I also find your version of Bingley interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing him and Jane fall for each other!

    • Chanpreet,
      Sorry to be replying so late! As I mentioned to Carol, I just came across your comments ;). As for Darcy, he is featured on the front cover of Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match — dark hair, stubble, trim and serious… So glad you like my version of Bingley!

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