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  1. Oh, how twisted this is becoming…bring on the angst! Darcy has now changed Elizabeth’s opinion of him but we read that he is still maintaining some secrets. And what is it about Georgiana? You, dear author, are keeping your own secrets…but I am willing to wait. Wickham in town and in a French uniform means we are going to read of some vile plot he instigates.

    Thanks for this chapter…it popped up just as I was about to sign off. Good night.

  2. Oh my! That is so unfortunate for all parties. Hopefully, Elizabeth will be able to read between the lines of Wickham’s stories.

    Darcy and Georgiana should at least say their goodbyes and drop a few warnings too.

    Thanks for the chapter. What is the ETA for this novel to be published?

  3. Things just seem from bad to worse. Wickham is just as hateful as a French jerk as an English jerk. A few spoonfuls of arsenic in the French soldiers drinks might help. Drinks infused with leaves from poisonous plants might also help. It would take the whole town to achieve this, but taking out the key Frenchman and Wickham would certainly help the townspeople. Darcy has a hard decision to make.

  4. Oh no, poor Darcy. What on earth is the problem with Georgiana? And how will he live with himself if anything happens to Elizabeth? Can’t wait for chapter 6 Abigail or better yet the whole book 📚

  5. Yes,the angstometer is certainly in the rise,and I ,for one,can’t wait you see how this is all resolved!
    So many mysteries to unfurl!
    Thank you!

  6. May I humbly suggest that you give up food preparation, clothing care and sleep to finish this book? Darcy and Elizabeth need your full attention!

  7. Wow, I can’t wait to see how all this plays out! Another wonderful excerpt, Abigail! I’m so excited to read the book!

  8. Oh dear! Lady Catherine is dead? I was so looking forward to her putting in an appearance. There seems to be one small mistake in this passage, She shrank away from his anger. When he become such a bully? I think you left out ‘had’ in the second sentence.

  9. No,no,no…Darcy can’t leave! There must be something he can do to alleviate the situation? I have visions of Netherfield being raided or even Longbourn! Yes, he has to protect Georgiana, but I what about Elizabeth! The angst level has definitely risen. Poor Charlotte for losing her brother in the war effort on the continent. Looking forward to next week!

  10. Poor Darcy!! He is truly in an unenviable position in more ways than one!

    I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

    And if you need another proofreader, I’m happy to help just for the joy of reading the book! Just pop me an e-mail; my schedule is fairly open except for March 10-27 (grading research essays). February is especially clear as is April through mid-May. 🙂

    Thank you for this wonderful chapter, Abigail! Happy 10th Day of Christmastide!

    Susanne 🙂

  11. “He could not allow Wickham to see Georgiana, no matter the cost”, Why do I think the word “see” is very important. Is there a difference in the looks of dear G. as a child and the girl she is today.

    Everybody thinks that the princess is in Canada, but mayby she is closer than everybody thinks.

    • …and Georgie has been swept away to Canada with her father? And Charlotte is coming for tea to Jane Bennet…Wow, you’re good, what a plot!
      But, would Darcy have thought about Jane being good for Georgies self-confidence? I have a feeling that Charlotte is a rather confident, slightly spoiled and a tiny bit haughty (she’s a princess, after all), but with a great portion of good heartedness and a sensible, practical head on her shoulders that tends to think in unconventional ways.

  12. I always thought there was a touch of the brat in Georgiana. She was brought up almost without any boundaries, so she thinks that the world revolves around her a bit. Darcy needs his own life, too.

  13. Now that we know the unfortunate fates of Lady Catherine and the Earl of Matlock, will we learn what happened to Col. Fitzwilliam (and his older brother)? Killed in battle? Left to Canada? Espionage? Involved with and aiding Darcy in whatever he is up to? I am also curious about Mr. Collins, if the entail is broken under French Civil law and Lady Catherine is not his patroness, will he have a role? Perhaps as a French sympathizer endangering them all (and their secrets) with a visit? Will Charlotte marry him to protect her family now that her brother is dead? So many questions. Don’t even get me started on Wickham! What a delicious and terrible villain he makes as a French soldier and friend of Renard.

  14. Abigail, I love the hidden depths of Darcy in all of your books… And him giving Lizzy a tongue- lashing – wonderful!!

    And now there’s Wickham appearing on stage…don’t you agree that Darcy needs a little backup by another friend from his youth now? 😉 And how will he protect Lizzy now? Will he escort her to Scotland?

    Btw. is Darcy Sen. still alive? Will he come back to England? What will he think about Lizzy?

    I’m really looking forward to reading the whole book, especially when we get to know Princess Carlotte, she’ll be a fine chap, I’m sure 😇

  15. Twists upon twists! Angst-meter rising apace! No Lady C! Oh my goodness, where are you taking us Abigail?

    Loving this Regency-set alternative timeline story so much, even though the thought of an invasion of this sceptred isle I call home is rather scary. Looking forward to more, much more!

  16. Poor Darcy. Always a rock and a hard place. Too bad GW showed up. That last sentence was scary … or ruin her family? Yikes! What is Darcy into? Needless to say, one more chapter will not be enough. Just keep writing so we can get the whole tale down the road. Love it! Jen Red

  17. What a wonderful story. Poor Darcy. Keep Georgiana safe or keep Elizabeth safe? What a tough choice. And Wickham betraying Darcy’s father, why am I not surprised. He never had any loyalty. And Lady Catherine not backing down and being executed….makes sense. Oh wow! I cannot wait to read this story in its entirety. You may answer our most pressing questions with the next chapter, but I know you will leave us with more questions….

  18. This is a fascinating AU, and a scary one too. The Napoleonic wars could so easily have gone the other way.

    I will definitely keep an eye out for this one.

  19. Thanks for the comments! I haven’t responded individually because I’m trying to get the story done ASAP, but I’ve read every one. For those of you who want to know when it’ll be published, February or March is my best guess, but it’s a guess. As I’ve said, next week will answer some of your questions, but it’s fascinating to read your theories! Thanks again for reading and for your support.

  20. Lovely (if rather angsty)chapter. I loved that Darcy challenges Elizabeth1s immature and black-and-white opinion on political decisions, collaboration vs rebellion. The secret surrounding Georgiana is very intriguing. I had assumed a version of lost virginity, but the idea that Darcy can never marry and that seeing (recognizing?) Georgiana is a danger hints at a more complicated background.
    I liked Wickham in the new version, how typical:soldier but in secure homeland position; and him betraying Darcy Sr – ever the opportunist. At least he is not likely to receive Elizabeth’s sympathy since he is a collaborator (unless he pretends otherwise?)

    Thank you!

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