Festive Felicitations from Mr Wickham — 18 Comments

  1. Dear Sir, Thank you for your kind and liberal wishes for this festive season. I dare say, I shall make ample use of the mistletoe with my dear husband! I look forward to your return to your tales, I mean memoirs, after the New Year!

    Wishing you and your dear Wife a very merry Christmas!

  2. Catherine Curzon, I’m reading a book called Mr Wickham by Karen Aminandan, I think I got her name correct there. It tells of Wickham’s life after Newcastle and he is preparing to go to war. I can’t wait to read more of the “real” adventures of Mr Wickham here, though!

    • I have slipped the leash of my editor today and am delighted to reply in person, before the estimable Mrs Curzon seizes back her editing pen. It is a delight that my name is remembered, if not always fondly, long may the tales of yours truly continue!

  3. Merry Christmas, Mr. Wickham. No mistletoe around here. Not even so much as a bauble, yet, sir. Slack. I shall miss you, Mr. Wichkam. Until the New Year. God rest ye merry.

  4. Dear Mr Wickham, as always your charming prose does not disappoint. Nor does the mistletoe advice, I expected nothing less from you 😉

    Have a very merry Christmas yourself, pray have a care and use the mistletoe judiciously or at least discreetly (it really would not do to distress your lovely wife during the festive season!) and looking forward to more of your tales in the New Year!

  5. Thank you for the well wishes Mr. Wickham. I shall avoid the mistletoe and hope you stay out of trouble for a change. Looking forward to reading about more of your, um, exploits.

  6. Dear Mr. Wickham,
    I especially appreciate your advice to “raise merry hell” as I intend to spend some time doing just that. Hopefully not while the family is around – that could get me into some serious trouble. I shall also raise a glass of my favorite champagne in your honor. I look forward to hearing from you again in the new year

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