An Excerpt from Mr Darcy’s Rival Ch 3 — 28 Comments

  1. I can’t remember, but does Darcy know Elizabeth is at the Parsonage? Is Rickland going to call on her?

    As Carol says, fireworks in the offing!

    This was too short, Kara. I was just getting into it when it ended! Thanks for sharing it with us and good luck with finishing off the rest of it.

    • I don’t know if we know whether Darcy knew Elizabeth was there before he arrived. I think most people assume he found out once he got to Rosings (and we do love to see how he reacts when he discovers she is there!) 🙂 Thanks, Anji! I know I’ll post at least one more excerpt next month.

      • Thanks for the enticing tidbit Kara! It appears Darcy does not know she is there in your version – if he did know his emotions would have run from anticipation to horror! He is soo confused. 🙂 .

        Rickland – that sounds like a landowner’s heir, definitely an eligible gentleman. Now if he has money and an agreeable personality like the Colonel… Darcy is in big trouble!.

        • You are correct, Dave, he did not know. And as for Darcy’s trouble, we’ll just have to see whether he improves his manners early on and wins Elizabeth’s heart – or will Rickland win out.

  2. How awful to leave us hanging. It is a wonderful excerpt leaving us waiting for more. It seems that Darcy may not know Elizabeth is at the parsonage since he is not all jealous and wondering what he may have been doing there with Elizabeth. I am eagerly anticipating the release of this book. I too am looking forward to the ‘fireworks’. It is fun seeing Darcy all flustered, especially when he realizes Rockland is calling on Elizabeth. (Turning my guesses into statements). Thank you for a lovely excerpt to wake up to.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this, Barb! I’m working on the beginning edits now, and finishing up the ending, so it’s coming along.

  3. Wow, as the title says Mr. Darcy’s Rival. How are these gentlemen related? Darcy will certainly be livid once he finds out he is after Elizabeth. Elizabeth will have no such problems until she finds out what Darcy did to Jane. Fireworks will indeed commence in more ways than one!

    • In the first chapter, which I posted in December (the link is at the top) we find out that Rickland is the nephew on the de Bourgh side, so he is not a direct cousin of Darcy’s. Gee, why does everyone expect fireworks? Trust me, there will be fireworks, but maybe not how you expect. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the excerpt! I, too, can’t wait to read more. I am guessing this Rickland is the “rival”, so I am looking forward to meeting him. Enjoy your granddaughter and good luck with writing the rest of this book. I hope you will share more along the way!

    • Thanks, TLeigh! I am enjoying my granddaughter – I’ll be off in about an hour to watch her today. And she is my excuse (a valid one, I believe) to not having finished the book already! And I do plan on posting another excerpt or two.

  5. What’s next????

    By the title we know that Elizabeth had snagged another heart. Fireworks and fun to follow !

    This will be a great read !!!!

  6. This is a wonderful read. It is nice to see some new twists in the road for our beloved couple. I know what you mean about diversions and grandchildren. My five year old grandson is home with a terrible cold today, and he manages to get me to do more things in a day than I would do in two days. Next up, baking cookies! Enjoy your time with your little angel; before long she will be starting school, and then getting married. It all goes too quickly. I remember my children as babies, and now they are having children. Yikes! Thank you for a fresh perspective and some very amusing dialogue. I like this story a lot.

    • She’s our one and only, and I had no idea how she would worm her way into our hearts – from the very first moment we saw her! And did you read about the article that says people who watch their grandchildren a lot have a lesser chance of getting Alzheimers. I can see why – I am always on the alert with her now that she is crawling 10 miles per hour! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the excerpt, Mari!

      • I didn’t know that about the Alzheimer’s connection. I watch my grandson every other Monday and he will soon have sibling whom I will help out with more often. Plus I have a granddaughter I babysit occasionally. I had 5 aunts and uncles on my mother’s side with that disease.

  7. Thank you! Really looking forward to the finished product now that you’ve tantalized us for so long! And I realize that much as I’m rooting for Darcy and Elizabeth, with all that we’ve learned about Anne, and her sad childhood, and her unrequited longing for Darcy, I’m going to feel sad when Darcy disappoints her!

    • This was actually only the second half of a chapter. I’ll post another segment – when the three men go to the parsonage – some time in March. Glad you like the colonel! 🙂

  8. I am so far behind in reading blogs! I think I could spend all week to catch up. This is looking so interesting. Love that Darcy has a rival! But my heart does go out to Anne. I am looking forward to the finished product as I have all your other books and none have disappointed. There are several which I read portions of over and over again.

    Thanks for the excerpt – off to read the more recent one.

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