1. I love The Three Musketeers, although I have read all five books in the series and would class them all as one, because it’s difficult to choose only one of them. Alexander Dumas really had a way with the swashbuckling novels. And though I’ve loved some of the movies based on the books, none does them justice.

  2. Ok, you may think me a trollip, but I cannot make up my mind as to which is my favorite swashbuckling hero. I adore Sir Percy, saving Frenchies from Madame Guillotine…and all his disguises. Robin Hood and his merry men in Sherwood Forest outwitting the Sherrif of Nottingham and being true to his love Maid Marion and King Richard the Lion Heart. D’Artagnan in the Three Musketeers protecting the royal family from Richelieu and Lady de Winter. And Wesley in the Princess Bride; “To the pain.” I can’t just choose one. Thank you Jack, for this wonderful post this morning. Congratulations on your release and thank you for the generous give away.

  3. I loved Robin Hood. I read it endlessly as a child and I watched the movie every time it was shown on TV. Basil rathbone just dripped with menace, and it was thrilling to watch Robin and his merry men outwit him. Later, I loved any action/ adventure, suspense book and movie. I read anything by John Buchan, Trevanian, and endless other authors. My current favorite oldie to watch is Three Days Of The Condor. I just bought the book, and it is great.

  4. Definitely the Princess Bride but I always sit down and watch the Scarlet Pimpernel whenever I see it on TV. Thanks Jack for bringing Percy back!

  5. I vote for Other — any book by Dorothy Dunnett is filled with wonderfully described swordfights that sound like a dance without music. Your Crescent City series was a great collection, so I look forward to this one. Downloaded my KU copy yesterday!

  6. Jack, I love all the connections you’ve woven between the stories and bringing back Sir Percy. I loved The Three Colonel’s and look forward to this one. As for your list … today I’ll choose The Princess Bride because no matter what adversity comes their way the path to true love will not be thwarted. How’s that for romance? Best Wishes! Jen Red

  7. If I have to choose a movie it would be Ivanhoe. It is exciting yet speaks to my heart. But my favourite swashbucklers of all time? It’s a tough choice between Richard Greene as Robin Hood or Hugh O’Brien as Wyatt Earp. (DH and I watch *lots* of old 50s and 60s TV shows.) I’ve often mused about how either of these actors would have made a perfect film Mr Darcy but unfortunately were not of the right age at the right time.

    My view of The Scarlet Pimpernel is somewhat tainted by the depiction of him via Blackadder. So I shall be happy to read a less cynical description of the man! This mash-up sounds brilliant and I have already placed this story on my Must-Read list. Many thanks for the excerpt and the giveaway offer.

  8. I love the Scarlet Pimpernel with Leslie Howard and Zorro with Tyrone Power. I love the dialogue between the Leslie Howard and Daniel Massey and they way he get away with it at the end. I like Zorro with Tyrone Power, just because it is Tyrone Power.

  9. I have always loved The Adventures of Robin Hood. I don’t care which version of the movie it is. Robin is a true hero for social justice. I always want to cheer him on. Thank you for the giveaway.

  10. My ultimate favorite is Robin Hood since he represented what was important, character, integrity, and strength. When men were men and the movies at that time captured the essence of real men.

  11. The Three Musketeers is the one I have grown up with and I really love them all. However for a film I love Kevin Costner in Robin Hood better than Russell Crowe.

    I am sorry as I can see you do not like him, but although it is true that the Zorro is a very sugary swashbuckling movie, Antonio Banderas gives the latin-lover side that makes the film enjoyable (not my favourite one though).

    However if I have to choose only one is The Three Musketeers. I have just watched the films although I have read other works of Dumas. The 1993 version is my favourite. The luxury of the French monarchy and the church, the intrigue, the treachery vs the loyalty, the love stories, the fights, etc. everything makes the Three Musketeers an amazing story!

    • I’m afraid I have misled you. I don’t dislike Zorro at all. I just think George Hamilton’s version is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. A guilty pleasure.

      I like Antonio Banderas — he’s kinda my inspiration for Will Darcy in Pemberley Ranch. I just think he’s never been in an English-speaking film where he has shined. His version of Zorro is a good example. Why make him a thief? Why not follow the book’s plot? It (and he) would have been better.

      You could have picked any swashbuckling movie you liked; I just gave some examples. But thanks for playing!

      • I love the Three Musketeers anyway 🙂 It is my favourite one. If on TV I see The Pimpernel, Princess Bride or Scaramouche I will watch them of course!

        As a Spanish woman I have to like Antonio Banderas hahaha, seriously I would have like him even if I would have not been Spanish. He is not the best actor ever but I like him. You are totally right saying that he has never shined in an ENglish-speaking film, it may be due to his so-called role of latino or the idea of the latino-lover… I think he can do better than that.

        • Perfect example. Puss and Boots was great in Shrek II, but he couldn’t carry his stand-alone movie. It wasn’t Banderas’ fault. It was the horrible writers.

          Getting back to Zorro, I keep thinking there was a great opportunity missed. Imagine the movie as a remake of Tyrone Power’s film, The Mark of Zorro. Banderas playing young nobleman Don Diego de la Vega who sees his father’s work undone by a former friend and grows up, inventing that masked rider for justice. It would have been fantastic.

          For all it’s silliness, Zorro – the Gay Blade was closer to the spirit of Zorro than The Mask of Zorro

  12. I enjoy many of the choices but my favorite one would be the Princess Bride. It had everything – adventure, romance and comedy. All three genres that I love in one movie. And all of those quotable lines, inconceivable!

  13. YEA! I am excited to read this one. I have enjoyed all your books, that I have read so far. I am just finishing up refreshing my memory about both the Pimpernel and Northanger characters, and have loved your sneak peaks.
    Although I have always loved the stage production of the Scarlet Pimpernel, the Princess Bride, is still my favorite movie.

  14. My favorite book is The Princess Bride, although I may be basing my preference on the movie. And, this is the only one of the listed books I recall reading, except Robin Hood as a child, but I’ve watched the movie several times with different companions of varying ages.

    I’m certainly looking forward to Jack’s new novel, which I expect to provide the pleasure his other works have.

  15. I adore all disguised/masked heroes – The Scarlet Pimpernel, Zorro, Robin Hood who also qualifies as one, to some extent(I’m in favor of the classic versions – still nostalgic about Errol Flynn, and yes, Basil Rathbone who also played in Mark of Zorro). Ivanhoe is also a childhood favourite of mine, although as an adult, I don’t really like the romance angle of it – the comparison of Rowena and Rebecca and their outcomes. But I love Robin Hood and his companions, and the disguised Richard in it!) I’d be hard pressed to choose…Some of your suggestions are unnknown to me, I’ll take them as recommendations! 🙂 Thanks!

  16. The Scarlet Pimpernel was the first novel of the kind I read when I was a kid and until this day I’m still in love with him… I can’t wait to read your story!

  17. I’m so very glad your ‘The Last Adventure of The Scarlet Pimpernel’ is now out. Congratulation! I’ve so looked forward to it.

    From the list above, the one I will watch whenever it is on is ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel.’ I’ve seen all the other movies but I’m afraid it has been so long since I have read any of them that I’ve forgotten the details. The movies stand out in the memory though. The book that does stand out in my memory however, is Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Voyager.’ It has all of the same kind of adventure that the above list has. Piracy, tropical storms, shipwreck, a lot of derring-do. Romance of course, and humor too. The Hero and heroine are separated and reunited multiple times, a young teen is stolen and eventually (lots of heart in the throat business there,) rescued. It’s one adventure after another. Good versus Evil, all that kind of stuff. Epic.

    I agree with Leslie regarding Dorothy Dunnett.

    I will pass on your very generous giveaway at this time. Must read on my e-reader these days for the font size, alas. The best best best luck, Mr. Caldwell. I love your books.

  18. I have read most of the books listed and only recently read The Scarlet Pimpernel…now a favorite. But also love The Three Musketeers and The Princess Bride. Jack, I bought and read The Scarlet Pimpernel in anticipation of your new book. But I see that there are two sequels. Should I also read those before picking up this one of yours? Love The Voyager from the Outlander series and the Dorothy Dunnett series mentioned above. I have not read Captain Blood nor Princess of Mars. All the others are certainly ones I have loved. Although I have to admit most were viewed in movie form rather than the book version.

    Congratulations on your new release.

    • Not really sequels. Three of the books in the Jane Austen’s Fighting Men series are companion novels — stand alone stories that happen at the same time, but have brief cross-overs into the other books. Think of it as one huge, sprawling novel — which fits, as everything happens during Waterloo. You don’t have to read The Three Colonels to enjoy The Last Adventure of the Scarlet Pimpernel, but I think you’ll enjoy seeing how several of the characters — especially John Buford and the Darcys — appear in both books.

      Rosings Park is different. It is the sequel to The Three Colonels. I hope to have it out in about a year.

  19. Hmmmm I think I will have to go with Captain Blood though I really enjoyed the Scarlet Pimpernel several times over the years. I’m not much for movies in general so I’m going off of the books. When I was young, I read everything I could get my hands on and my family only had very old books and religious books so I read all the classics (hey, guess where I met Jane? LOL). I look forward to reading this book (and the ones to come) with much joy. The Three Colonels remains very much a favorite.

  20. I have to admit for having a soft spot for Sir Percy as portrayed by Anthony Andrews and Ian McKellen as the evil Chauvelin. (I once shook hands and acted on stage with Sir Ian–part of his Acting Shakespeare tour in 1987.) It’s long been one of my favorite movies.

    And the duel between Sir Percy and Chauvelin can only be surpassed by the brilliant parody of a swordfight between Westley and Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride.

    So while I admire Errol Flynn as both Robin Hood and Captain Blood and will always cheer for Indiana Jones, it’s a certain “Sink me!” drawled in a careless voice while eagle-sharp eyes take stock of the realities around him that make me always choose the Scarlet Pimpernel as my favorite swashbuckling hero! 🙂

    Thanks for the lovely excerpt, Jack!! I would **love** a copy of your latest book! 😀

    Susanne 🙂

    • Far be it for me to disagree, but what about Flynn and Rathbone in The Adventures of Robin Hood? Their duel was the highlight of the film. And don’t forget Stewart Granger and James Mason in 1952’s The Prisoner of Zelda.


  21. My favorite has to be the Errol Flynn Robin Hood. It is the first adventure/action movie I can remember seeing and always find it just as exciting any time I watch it.
    Thanks for sharing the excertpt with us.

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