Darcy and Wickham: The Duties of Friendship Part II — 7 Comments

  1. Haha! I particularly like this “Like that hunter you recall from youth, it warms me to know that I was the steed on whom your hopes and dreams were carried to that fair lady’s stable. Long may you warm one another in the hay!”
    I can just picture Darcy blushing even after all these years!

    Of course, Wickham’s other reference was just as good “Let me assure you, Darcy, as one man can to another, that our ship often stops at the most exotic harbours. Though snow has come to lay upon our roof, the fire burns bright in the hearth, eh?”

    I wonder if Mrs. Darcy was in the room when he read that letter!

    This delightful correspondence has left me chuckling. I don’t suppose any correspondence between Mrs. Wickham an Mrs. Darcy or Mrs. Thornton was ever found among Wickham’s treasure trove?

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