A Most Respectable Elopement, Part Ten — 10 Comments

  1. Oh my. Lydia is not as wanton as I thought. However apparently Wickham is more of a gentleman than I thought as he could easily overpower her if he so desired.
    Don’t tell me he is actually going to marry her without any monetary inducement?
    However we still have to discover who the men were that he was wary of……..

  2. Wickham’s shirt may keep her body warm, but methinks someone got cold feet! I do wonder where one so young as Lydia learned to tease a man in such a way?

    “Firstly, a gentleman ought always to begin by removing the lady’s hair pins. That way, he may play with her hair as she helps him with the more challenging bits.”

    Like Lydia, you ladies are such a tease!

      • I learned from the best, my lady. They did not call my mother Goldfingers Fanny for nothing.

        In truth, I jest, but my mother wished for me to be fully capable of enticing a man of my own choosing, rather than settling for whichever offer first came my way. Was she not a marvelous teacher?

  3. Ah! So Lydia isn’t as ‘loose’,morally speaking,as she would like us to believe.
    And Wickham isn’t as ungentlemanly as we observers perceived him to be!
    Hmmm! Intetesting! What could be behind such reluctance? Good for thought!
    Thanks to all for another great post!!😊👗

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