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    • I’m delighted to hear it, Patricia!
      It all depends how much time I get to work on it and how quickly it comes together. I’m sure it will be at least six months, though, considering what it takes to write a full-length novel and ready it for publication. If you haven’t read my other 5 yet, I’ll invite you to do so while you’re waiting. 😀

  1. Ah, a time travel novel, eh. Sounds interesting. I’ll look forward to reading it. In the meantime, I have my own blank pages after I finish tweaking ‘Darcy Chooses the Complete Novel.’ After that I’ll be doing a Regency mystery. Probably be like most I’ve done: lots of blank pages until it comes together. I think all authors identify with this. We just try not to do it too often. All the best with Katie’s story. Give us a heads up when it’s available and all of us can get a copy. And, thanks, for the excerpt.

  2. This sounds good already. I do hope Katie doesn’t get taken in by a villain as I think she definitely needs Mr Darcy to look after her (by the way I hope at least that if that is the case then at least her middle name is Elizabeth! Good luck with this I’m afraid I wouldn’t get past the blank page fear 😱

    • Well, we weren’t all born to be writers, Glynis. We need lots of READERS too! Readers don’t have to deal with blank pages; we’ve already filled them all up for you. 😉 Thanks for the idea for Katie’s middle name. I’ll think about incorporating it.

  3. Sounds fab. I love time travel. In fact, Katie sounds like me. I would love to time travel back to Regency times but not to meet a rake and become best friends with the Darcys andvthe Bibgkeys!

    • Haha! Okay, thanks, Michelle. I’ll keep that in mind, but I could see there could be a lot of humor in that scenario. Of course, it would all have to come out right eventually. I’m all about happy endings!

  4. What a teaser…I’m ready to read this new book but no pressure. What school is the picture from? My kids and son-in-law all went to college in South Carolina. Some wonderful and beautiful places. Hope Katie loves it as much as they did.

    • I’m afraid the picture is random (UTC – University of Tennessee at Chattanooga), and I didn’t base what I wrote on any particular college. I figured I’d get more specific later if Katie ends up spending a lot of time there. Otherwise, it probably doesn’t matter. But if I’d known you had experience in this field, Maggie, I would have just consulted you! 🙂

  5. I, too am ready to read the novel when it’s published! The hook is there for sure. Hopefully it will be a novel not novella in order for enough space for character growth and development of plot. Of course she needs to find her Darcy and a good friend to confide in since she has no siblings. She will find the lack of medical knowledge and cures a challenge, hygiene might also be a challenge if she’s not put in a situation where it’s possible. She definitely needs Elizabeth Bennet’s wit and intelligence. She’ll be thrilled with the best of the Regency. Perhaps her rake could be the Prince Regent or one of his brothers instead of an Austen antagonist?

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Meg! It will be a full-length novel, like my others. I don’t seem to know how to write anything else. By the time I’m finished telling the story, I have 100,000 words.

      Katie will have siblings in her new life, I promise you, since she’ll have some choice in where she lands. But the Prince Regent? Haha! That would be fun, but I’m not sure I can arrange that!

  6. I love time travel/time slip so I’m excited about this prospect! I think she should find her own version of Darcy, maybe assisted by he and Col. Brandon or something LOL Being friends with Elizabeth and the other Austen heroines could be fun. She could be sidetracked by Wickham/Willoughby/Crawford but have her own personal hero save the day. As to how she’s going to handle it…no bathrooms, no showers, no Secret, no Starbucks 8-o LOL Not sure. I will watch for it!

    • Good ideas, Stephanie! I have a very rough outline of where I think the story will go, but sometimes they take on a life of there own. I especially found that true in “Return to Longbourn”, which headed off in an entirely new (and better) direction than I had originally planned. That was a delightful experience!

  7. Sounds like the book will be a lot of fun! I can just imagine her reaction to the ‘reality’ of living without indoor plumbing and daily showers…not only will she not have deodorant but greasy hair! No one ever talks about that in time travel! LOL! Thank goodness she will have a knowledge of behavior if she loves reading Jane Austen books. I think of the ‘Lost in Austen’ movie and how much fun that was. As for getting sidetracked by a Wickham or Crawford, maybe ‘a little’ but she could be rescued by Colonel Fitzwilliam! Looking forward to this book and any updates you wish to share! Good luck and may the writing force be with you!

    • Thanks for the good wishes and excellent feedback, Carole! I do think this one’s going to be a lot of fun to write. I’ll keep you posted on progress. 😀

  8. It sounds marvelous, Shannon! Count me in!! 😀 I love Kate’s intellectual curiosity already; it will serve her well in Regency England and all the changes such a time shift will entail. 🙂

    A brilliant beginning–I can’t wait to see more!! 😀

    Susanne 🙂

    • Thanks, Madenna! Once I get going, though, I’m usually fine. I’ve got about 25 pages now, so it’s a good start. 🙂

  9. JAFF and time travel? Bring it on! I definitely want to read more of this. Actually, I think I NEED to read the rest of this tale.

    One of the things I enjoyed about Lost in Austen was seeing how a young woman from our times coped with the trials of living 200 years ago. I suspect I wouldn’t do very well as I much prefer indoor plumbing and modern health care. Katie sounds as though she may do a lot better, though.

    That scene from The Persuasion of Miss Jane Austen is one that tends to stick in the mind and having been to Chawton and seen that little writing table, I can imagine Jane herself sitting there with quill poised over a blank sheet of paper.

    Looking forward to reading more, Shannon.

    • Lovely! I’m thrilled that the words I wrote in PMJA accompany your picture of Jane at her little table in Chawton, Anji! That’s an honor.

      Yes, although I think Katie will be less prepared than she thinks for Regency inconveniences, I expect her to cope pretty well. It’s her dream, and she’s all in, no matter what that entails.

  10. I like the time travel idea. I have read a few stories with it. I like the set up of this story.

    I think having Katie see the good in Crawford would be great. I like him, but I think his personality could be tweaked to not run off with Maria. He has some redeeming qualities because he helped her brother with the Navy. I read a couple of novelas that demonstrated his remorse over Maria and Fanny.

    • I like your thoughts on Henry Crawford, Patty. At this point, I don’t expect Katie to meet any of the actual characters from JA’s novels, but people who are so like them that she wonders if they could have been the JA’s inspiration. We’ll see. I tend to make things up as I go along, allowing the story to take me where it needs to go. I know that sounds a little crazy, but that’s how it works for me. 😀

  11. What a great premise, Shannon. I always felt I am living in the wrong time as Katie does. I think she should get sidetracked by a rake, at her age, it would be easy to be sweet talked by a Wickham or Crawford and for them to take advantage of her. And of course to have an HEA. I am eagerly anticipating reading this book. Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. Shannon, I am spending most of today opening and reading e-mails. At times, obviously, I am overwhelmed by the number I receive and they just sit. I do like time travel books and am loving the Outlander books and TV series. So bring it on. A roar overhead??? Trying to imagine what that would be. I will look for this book when it is published. Hope your weather is good. We had Spring then a freeze and orchards had buds freeze so the farmers lost a lot!

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