P&P: Behind the Scenes – Colonel Forster’s Letter Arrives — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you for this missing scene. I can picture it. It seems Kitty is not surprised. I can see Jane needing to vent Elizabeth and being so upset it is written sloppily. After all, with a quill, too much pressure and it is nearly illegible. Poor Jane and Lizzy. Mr. Bennet sees the probable ramifications and blames Lydia. I wonder if he feels any responsibility for not being more of a father or regrets not listening to Lizzy’s advice.

    • Thanks, Deborah! It’s hard to know what was going through Mr. Bennet’s mind – all the blame on himself, Lydia, Wickham!

    • Thanks, Michelle! And don’t we all love Mrs. Bennet in how she goes back and forth as to what she hopes and then the next moment fears!

  2. Yes, it is exactly as we imagine…all the characters play their roles as scripted. Mrs. Bennet is in denial and only sees the “marriage” of one of her daughters, Jane is also in denial looking for an acceptable reason for Lydia’s and Wickham’s actions, while Mr. Bennet alone seems to realize the truth for which he bears a great deal of the blame.

    Thank you for the playing out of this missing scene in the book. (Although the movies so give us their versions.)

  3. Thanks for this scene. I am really enjoying all these extra bits which help to fill out the original. Typical of Mrs. Bennett blaming the Forsters when Lydia was never checked and allowed to do as she pleased. Pity Mr Bennett didn’t listen to Elizabeth.

  4. Excellent scene! I really like your telling it through Jane’s perspective. Of course, Jane being Jane, she hopes for the best while knowing what Wickham truly is and what he has done in the past to Georgiana and other girls.

    Wonderful insights here–thank you, Kara! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

    • Thanks, Susanne! I think this is why writing these missing scenes is fun (as well as reading them), to see other perspectives. 🙂

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