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  1. I didn’t read part one until just now because I wanted to read the two parts as a whole.

    Like many of the others who’ve commented, I’ve always thought that Elinor and the Colonel were much better suited as a couple. It always seemed that his youthful passion for Eliza was influencing his reaction to Marianne rather than seeing her for herself. Although Edward kept Lucy dangling on a string for four years, he was eventually prepared to do the right thing by her until she broke off their engagement when he was disinherited.

    Finally Mary, there’s something in the way you’ve written thiis that makes the voices of Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Gemma Jones come through very clearly in all of the conversations in both parts. Thank you and well done.

    • Thank you, Anji. I love Emma Thompson’s S&S. I thought the sceenplay was brilliant. I had those same voices in my head.

    • So far, I have 100% agreement on this pairing. I was prepared for some dissent. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. This was amazing, and fun to read. I always picture the characters as Miss Thompson and Mr. Rickman too, so the outcome was especially satisfying. Edward, like Bingley is too tepid for anyone as sensible as Elinor to fall in love with, so I am delighted that he was hoist by his own petard with Lucy Steele. Elinor and the Colonel are a much better pairing. Marianne deserves to spend her life wallowing in memories of Willoughby as the world passes her by, and she would probably enjoy it! I do hope that you can turn this into a full length novel sometime. I want to know what happens next, and then after that. Really great job.

  3. “not everything is about you, Marianne.”

    Yes and yes! In her eyes, the world must agree with her every opinion. She’s learned nothing, and still prefers a handsome man over a worthy one (and no, ladies, I am not saying Mr. Rickman was not handsome).

    Elinor is surprised, pleased, and intrigued. Brandon will not rush her, that was obvious, and I’m sorry not to get to see the progression of this courtship. Thank you so much for this!

    • Thank you, June. When I was writing this, I had to keep reminding me just how young these two women were–just teenagers. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I agree! I always thought that Brandon and Elinor would be an ideal match. I know the Thompson/Winslet S&S was very well written but I could never get past Elinor and Brandon being so much older than the book. Plus Edward was rather wimpy…he deserved Miss Steele as he would never stand up to her (or his mother). Elinor deserved a more mature competent man like Brandon.

    Perhaps Mary Simonson would consider developing this into a full length novel?

    • Thanks, Theresa. A full-length novel? I wouldn’t mind writing it, but there are few who would read it. As soon as you venture beyond P&P, your sales fall off a cliff. But I’m semi-retired now. So who knows!

  5. That was interesting! Omg lovely pairing of Elinor and Colonel Brandon! The voices of Mr. Rickman, Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson was so clear when reading of the characters! Loved it! Can’t wait to see more of this! Maybe we can hope for a full length novel?

    • Thanks, Sophia. As I said to Theresa above, I wouldn’t mind writing it, but there are few who would read it. As soon as you venture beyond P&P, your sales fall off a cliff. But I’m semi-retired now. So who knows!

  6. Love it. Love it. Love it. I am a happy girl. I will echo what several have said. Could Mary (or one of you lovelies) PLEASE write this into a novel? I also agree that I was hearing the appropriate character voices in my head. Alan Rickman IS Col. Brandon to me.

    • I love Emma Thompson’s S&S. I think she wrote a brilliant screenplay. I know she was much older than Austen’s Elinor, but I thought she was perfect. Thanks for commenting.

    • Thanks, Monica. Re: Marianne – I have to keep reminding me that she’s only 17. Yikes! Too young to be getting married.

  7. Yes! Dare I say how much I think this is the way the book should have ended? My problem with Brandon and Marianne is that he was infatuated with her looks because she reminded him of Eliza. Not a good thing to base a relationship on. He and Elinor are so much more suited. I have felt this way from the very first! Thanks, Mary!

    • I, too, felt that Marianne and the Colonel were mismatched. Austen tied up all the loose ends, but I think Elinor’s temperament was better suited to Colonel Brandon and vice versa.

  8. Oh, that was so lovely – just perfect. And what a smart cookie Lucy turns out to be…but then we know for sure who will wear the pants in that marriage. And now does anyone have an opinion as to how Marianne will speak about her new “brother”? Thank you so very much for this variation.

    • Interesting question. Even after reading the “happily-ever-after” ending of S&S, I thought that Marianne could never be truly happy with the Colonel. He failed to meet her criteria for a romantic hero.

  9. Lovely. Thank you. I believe Elinor deserves someone with a backbone! I think they would be very happy together 😊. Marianne certainly didn’t deserve Brandon and Edward did deserve Lucy.

  10. Excellently done!! And Marianne’s selfishness is definitely revealed here although Austen gave her more of a self-revelation that we do not see in this story but which somehow feels more realistic to me.

    Thank you!

    Susanne 🙂

  11. Hi Mary, I only want to add that in addition to the very perceptive and appreciative comments above, I have always been uncomfortable with the original pairing of Marianne and Colonel Brandon. Whether she eventually outgrew her youthful shallowness and fascination with insubstantial romance, Marianne seemed to me to be settling – for a man much older and, though full of feeling for her, ill-matched in inclination to her. He seemed to be settling for her appearance and his sentimental recollections of his first love. He is to bring her up to be the wife of his later years; she is to rely upon the superior wisdom and stability of the father she misses. I do feel sorry for Edward, though. And I almost thought the good colonel might be in love with Mrs Dashwood!

    • I always thought Marianne “settled.” I just can’t see someone with her romantic sensibilities being happy to the Colonel. Content, possibly, but not happily-ever-after.

  12. Thank you, Mary, for this delightful pairing! I have always felt that Colonel Brandon would eventually regret his choice of Marianne. She was such a “drama queen” who felt that her over-the-top displays revealed her emotional depth — a depth that few could understand let alone appreciate (at least in Marianne’s opinion). I think a few years of living with her wild flights of fancy and fluctuating moods would send a nice, steady man like the colonel completely ’round the bend! And then there’s Edward and Elinor — Elinor’s maturity would probably help Edward to be more grown up, but who wants to marry someone who is looking for a mother figure? This pairing you have devised is much more satisfying!

    • Thannks, Jan. I could not have put it better. I don’t think Edward had a calling to be a clergyman, so he would have needed Elinor to prop him up. As you said, it would have worn thin over time. Ditto for Marianne’s histrionics.

  13. Mary– Wonderful job on this!! I totally agree on your pairing of the Colonel with Elinor, too!! I also have trouble seeing why she was so drawn to Edward when he was so wishy-washy, nice but too meek and mild. Elinor deserves passion in a relationship, too, and I believe Brandon perfect for her; he will understand her so much better than Edward.

    Great job! Oh, and if you did write it, perhaps you could insert some P&P somewhere, maybe in who comes along to woo Marianne, say maybe ???

    Thanks again for a great read!

    • Thank you for your comments. Wishy-washy is the perfect adjective for Edward. Temperamentally, Elinor and Brandon are well suited.

    • I do hope that if someone from P&P came along for Marianne, I don’t think that it should be Mr. Wickham. Marianne is a “drama queen” as someone else has said, but she is still worth more than Mr. W. Could Mr. Denny be the one for Marianne?

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