Chapter 10 WIP — 14 Comments

  1. Oh how can Elizabeth be so stupid yet again? Believing Wickham after just meeting him! I hope she soon gets to learn the truth of the matter. At least she will have to try to keep Mr Bingley interested while Mr Collins is there (although Bingley already seems taken with Jane)

  2. Oooh! Nice title!! Can’t wait to read this book in full! I’ve loved all your JAFF books, and I’m sure I’ll love all of this one too!!

  3. Please don’t marry Mary to Collins, I can’t read those stories. She is deserving of so much more, and more than a clerk in her Uncle’s office

  4. Now we read of parallels to canon but I am looking forward to how this plays out. How will Bingley’s attentions focus on another? Will Elizabeth notice Jane’s or Bingley’s straying affections or will Elizabeth just decide to push Jane in that direction as she has pushed Mary? And how will Darcy be involved? Will he push Bingley towards Jane as he acknowledges his own interest in Elizabeth? Will the ball at Netherfield have the same sequence of event? Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh, I like the Mary & Mr.Collins junction …
    But I could do without the prejudice against Mr Darcy due to Wickham… why does Elisabeth trust one over the other ? She doesn’t know Wickham, but already knows that Mr. Darcy like books and storms…

  6. Thanks for your comments – and the conundrum two of you have put me in. Vesper does not want Mary with Mr. Collins, but Carla does. What is an author to do? Well, it’s already written, and while I will say no more, hopefully however it turns out will be acceptable. And as for Elizabeth believing Wickham’s lies, well, she is already predisposed not to like Mr. Darcy because of his meddling – or what she perceives as meddling and being officious. 🙂

  7. I always hate seeing Elizabeth allowing her prejudices against Mr. Darcy to show so obviously, especially when in the presence of Mr. Wickham. It astonishes me every time that a young woman of obvious sense and (self-) education should fall so quickly for the lies of a reprobate.

    But then, we know Wickham’s true nature while no one else does…except for Darcy and his sister. And the Colonel. But that’s a tale for another time.

    I hope to see Mr. Collins with Mary; I always felt that they would have been the perfect match, but Mr. Collins places too much attention upon outward appearances as he was taken by both of the elder (and more beautiful) Miss Bennets. I hope that Mr. Collins and Mary’s time together will bear fruit. 🙂

    Thank you, Kara–and I love the title!! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

    P.S. I just finished reading Pirates and Prejudice–such a delightful novel; I couldn’t put it down!! 😀

    • Thanks, Susanne! I appreciate everyone’s comments – what they like and dislike. And so glad you liked Pirates and Prejudice! It was so much fun to write! 🙂

  8. I want to add my two cents about Elizabeth, Darcy, and Wickham. I hope Darcy just denounces Wickham asap and have Col. Fitzwilliam drag him off to debtors prison or placed as cannon fodder on the front line of a battle. Chapters of a clueless, superior Elizabeth just grate on my nerves. She is supposed to be intelligent but comes off as stupid as Lydia.

  9. I am delighted to say I read all 10 chapters today on this rainy,drismal Sunday! So looking forward to the additional chapters to come. As others have noted, I cannot believe the beautiful Jane is going to end up with Mr. Marshall (he of the fishing fascination), yet I don’t see how poor Darcy is ever going to convince Elizabeth he is the guy for her! I will just have to be patient, I guess!
    BTW: I have read all your other books (and plan to re-read a couple starting tonight)–delightful! 😉

    • ‘Drismal’ is an excellent word! I intend to add it to my stockpile of words for rainy day! (I live in Scotland, we can always stand a few more words for rainy days to keep from repeating ourselves!)

  10. I am totally hooked on this story.
    The uniqueness is very refreshing and I love the unpredictableness.
    I have no idea what will happen next and I am looking forward to be surprised.
    Thank you for writing.
    The title seems very fitting to what I read so far too.

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