Chance and Circumstance Chapter 11 and Cover Reveal — 22 Comments

    • Thanks to everyone for following my sister, Kara Louise on her amazing journey as an author and re-inventor of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam. What a BLESSING it was for me to have an opportunity to paint the cover of her newest book. I invite you to view Elizabeth on the path:

  1. The cover is beautiful! With the light play and colors, I kind of get the feeling of standing at the beginning of a beautiful path, not entirely sure where it leads. Which rather reminded me of this story so far. (I hope that doesn’t sound bad. I’m not good with words, but like Lizzy keeps saying to follow and see how she feels.)

  2. What a lovely cover. I like the flowers in between the trees. It looks like the sort of place Elizabeth would enjoy walking. I hope she doesn’t spend too long believing Wickham over Darcy and starts to realise how thoughtful Darcy is being. Thanks for sharing this.

    • wow, one of the few who criticize Lizzy! I personally disagree and love both the story, Lizzy, and the cover equally. Readers know that both Lizzy and Jane have doubts about their relationships with the men of interest and are wisely moving away while trying not to hurt others.

  3. I do like the cover. Lovely. We do know(?) that Bingley will be enchanted by Elizabeth but Mrs. Bennet needs to also butt out. I am wondering when the truth will out about Wickham in this story. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for your comments! The kindle ebook is scheduled to be published on October 30. I’m waiting now for the pre-orders to go live. I’ll let you know and post the link. Thanks!

  5. First, the cover is beautiful! Second, I like that Elizabeth has at least a momentary pang that she may be as managing as Mr. Darcy is when it concerns her loved ones. I wonder if Mrs. Bennet was sensing that Mr. Bingley is attracted to Jane (“At length, Mrs. Bennet cleared her voice…”), which wouldn’t fit into her current planning. I am definitely looking forward to the final product.

  6. Such a lovely cover!!! And I am seeing a spark or two between Jane and Mr. Bingley; they are certainly much more alike than Elizabeth and Mr. Bingley. (Of course!!)

    I look forward to seeing what will happen next!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful WIP with us!!

    Susanne 🙂

  7. Very entertaining story! I look forward to seeing if Elizabeth’s plans come to pass. The cover is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing x

  8. Oh please let Mrs. Bennet go confir with Hill about something. Bingley and Jane need more time. Love it that she told Lizzy of her feelings. Too bad Lizzy didn’t reciprocate to Jane. Curious to what you will have planned next … more Jane or Bingley or more Lizzy and Wickham (ick!) Mary and Collins…. Maybe you’ll head straight for the ball. Looking forward to more. AND LOVE your new cover!

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