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  1. Can’t wait! I’ve been looking forward to this ever since one of you lovely writers mentioned it in a post earlier this year.

    I shall have to dig out my book from storage (been having a MAJOR reorganisation in the house) and get reading. And my copy of the 1995 TV movie is only on VHS, recorded at the time of original transmission. It’s showing its age now, so a visit to an online retailer is well overdue, I think. Ciaran Hinds is MY choice as Captain Wentworth, definitely. I always hear his voice when I’m reading the love letter scene.

    • You can watch if for free if you’re an Amazon Prime member. You might also check Netflix streaming if you have that. It’s relatively inexpensive to purchase, too. Who knows? You might want to watch it more than once!

      • Hi Susan, thanks for the info but we can’t have Amazon Prime or Netflix as our TV isn’t that clever. However, I’ve checked the online retailers and a new copy is really quite reasonable so I’ve got one ordered!

  2. I was so fortunate to win an e-book pdf of the P&P200, and have loved reading it so much that I now have to have the real book with it’s beautiful cover, and have it in my basket to purchase! I shall look forward to this Persuasion version as well! You all do an amazing job!

    • So glad you enjoyed P&P200. We’re all brushing up on the Persuasion story and hope to make it just as good as P&P200.

  3. THANK YOU! (Sorry, shouting is so unladylike, but it must be done on occasion!)
    I just can not wait for this one! The P&P version was wonderful! I am certain you will all do The handsome Naval man and his lady love justice and answer some questions in the mean time. What fun!!!

  4. I am eager to get started on this b/c I love, love, love Persuasion. I have the good fortune to be married to a man who would wait eight years for me to return, and I’d wait forever for him.

  5. Yay! I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. Here we go, and I’m up first. I’ve was just working on the my post about Lady Elliot’s parting words to 14-year-old Anne.

  6. Hooray! I absolutely love Persuasion! I would have to say that the 1995 version is one of my favourites! My husband gave it to me for Christmas and it came with the book! Ciarin Hinds was brilliant as Captain Wentworth. I also thoroughly enjoyed the 2007 version which I also own. Thank you and can’t wait for it all to begin!

  7. Persuasion is my second favorite after Pride and Prejudice so I am looking forward to this!!! 🙂 And Carole in Canada – Have you seen the 1971 BBC Persuasion? Personally it’s my favorite as I feel it’s the version most accurate to the book. I intensely dislike the Anne running around Bath scene at the end of the 2007 version. I love the 1995 Version!

    • I’m with you Megan about 2007 (Anne running back and forth, out of breath with saliva strings forming… yuk!) not to mention that they took major liberties with the story in that version! Thumbs down.

    • No Megan, I haven’t. I have had my eye on the BBC box set for some time. I have the vhs of Pride and Prejudice from that whole collection so I will have to upgrade and get all of them! Thanks for your endorsement! Yes, Anne running around in Bath in the 2007 version did seem so out of place for the time.

      • Just discovered that the 1971 version is available on YouTube, which is a version I’ve not yet seen (got the two most recent on VHS or DVD). I’ve only watched the first 10 minutes or so at the moment and haven’t had time for more due to a succession of house guests. It looks to be very much a product of its time in terms of budget and production values, especially the women’s hair!

  8. How exciting! I’m especially looking forward to some prequel scenes. I have always wanted to understand the early days of her romance with Frederick, and have a weird fascination with Anne’s bizarre family, so I wondered if they were ever normal before! I will have to look into the BBC Persuasions you’ve mentioned. I don’t like the 2007 one either — funny how everyone agrees the running was totally ridiculous.

    • I agree with all the comments about the 2007 version. No young lady would be caught dead running around Bath like that! And no matter how wonderful Rupert Penry-Jones is to look at, he’s not my idea of Captain Wentworth. Sigh!

  9. I am SO looking forward to reading this. I own 3 DVD’s of this story plus I have read the Scenes That Jane Austen Never Wrote and shared it with friends. Marvelous job on that one. And I agree about that letter – so very romantic and I hear Ciaran’s voice and see his face when reading it. But will have to re-read the book now.

  10. Persuasion is one of my favourite Jane Austen novel besides Pride and Prejudice. I’m very happy that you are planning to start this project. I can’t wait to read the prequel scenes and your stories especially the courtship and short engagement between Wentworth and Anne.

    I dearly hope that when you have finish the project, you all will publish the book like what you did in P&P: The Scenes Jane Austen Never Wrote.

  11. This is perfect timing as my Jane Austen book club will be discussing Persuasion in July. I will mention this project to the group so folks can follow along with the prequel scenes leading up to our discussion. Looking forward, as always, to the creativity of all the authors on this project,

    • I’m delighted to hear there’s so much interest in Persuasion! “Perfect timing” was my thought too, when we decided to do this project, since I had already started work on a Persuasion tie-in novel. I’ve had my head in that world for months now and am not ready to leave!

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