Anniversary February – Frederick and Anne Wentworth — 26 Comments

  1. Too bad they have to leave Beemuda. It’s the loveliest place I’ve ever visited.

    How nice to see Mr. “No women on ships allowed” Wentworth happily eating his words.

    • My wife and I love Bermuda. We honeymooned there, and returned for our tenth anniversary.

      If your idea of an island is to lay on the beach and veg out, DON’T go to Bermuda. If you think the idea of having an art gallery in City Hall is cool, go buy your tickets and enjoy a Rum Swizzle.

  2. Oh, Jack! I waited for this day and your turn at Austen anniversaries, and you of course do not disappoint!!!!! Thank you. I really enjoyed this excerpt and hope you do publish the whole, and hopefully sometime in the not too distant future. Thanks again!

  3. Very nicely written, Jack. I am looking forward to the release of this book, in the not too distant future (I hope) as Captain Wentworth is a favorite of mine, second only to 1 other. So very sweet.

  4. Love the Captain and Anne! Thank you Jack and looking forward to seeing this in print one day. Excited to hear of your other books in the works. Looking forward to ‘Rosings Park’ as I loved ‘The Three Colonels’!

    • I agree, and their differences are what make them interesting. Darcy is reserved and Elizabeth is outgoing. Both are privately passionate, loyal, and generous.

      Anne and Wentworth are different, I see Anne having a quiet strength and confidence. Wentworth is far more demonstrably passionate than Darcy, and he has a jealous streak.They are devoted to each other and honorable in their dealings.

  5. Jack, I can just imagine your smirk when you wrote ‘a proper Royal Navy welcome.’ Bermuda is the perfect setting for this piece, and you do a great job showing how Anne and Frederick have adapted to life there. I’d love to see some tales of Wentworth’s adventures with the smugglers and pirates!

  6. This was the “anniversary” I voted to read about and I was very pleased to see you have the assignment. Well done. I picture Amanda Root and Ciarán Hinds in the roles. So very lovely to have the baby as part of the celebration. Thank you. Looking forward to reading more of your books.

  7. Aw, that was really nice and they have a child too. Thanks for the preview. Waiting for the finished product, down the road.

  8. Oh, Jack, you really are a rotten tease! I was ready to read the whole book, but nooooooooo…. this is just an excerpt. It’s like a single appetizer but no meal. Jack, are you being a lazy boy in your Florida ‘retirement’? <3 <3 <3

  9. Such a wonderful vignette!! I do want more, so please start revising and polishing, please? There are so few good Persuasion tales out, and I adore Anne; she is my favorite Austen heroine! 🙂

    Thank you for an amazing tale–I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

    Susanne 🙂

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