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  1. Fun. It does not bode well if couple is not together for their first anniversary. I bet Wickham has a surprise for Lydia by disappearing on her. She gave him a very good head start as well as his pay to gamble away in London. Unfortunately, Lydia and Mrs. Bennet do not understand how truly horrible he is, and how awesome Mr. Darcy is.

  2. I love Eileen’s idea of Mrs. Bennet and her mini me both surprising Wickham. Shocking him would be more like it and it would have the added value of rendering all three speechless at the same time. Wickham would be caught doing something he couldn’t talk his way out of, and his wife and mother in law would be standing and staring as their jaws hit the floor. Of course, no one would be silent for long, which would be even more hilarious, as the accusations and excuses started to fly. Lydia is clearly even more clueless than her mother, which is saying a lot. I enjoyed this thoroughly, even though it is clear that Lydia is being conned by Wickham. She still hasn’t learned anything. I wonder what the second anniversary will bring!

  3. This was so sadly funny. Lydia is clueless. She has no mothering instinct. She really is nothing more than a child herself. It would be so funny, but sad for Lydia to find Wickham in a seedy part of London. Maybe her eyes would finally be open. I wonder how many debts Wickham has racked up and if he’s planning on returning. How sad, but what we all expected, even if better was hoped for. I agree with Mari, I wonder what anniversary 2 will bring?

  4. *facepalm* They both need some sense shaken into them, but it would require so much shaking that it would certainly be illegal. *sigh* They are both just about useless. Poor Wickham and scary Darcy indeed. I agree with all the PP, she deserves what she finds by “surprising” Wickham in London. So many writers portray Wickham getting picked off at some point and I think it is very probable. All it takes is one particularly irate father, husband, or gambling partner and he is toast. Second anniversary…let’s see how many lives he has left.

  5. This has been a very clever and entertaining anniversary series that I’ve enjoyed immensely, and this last of Lydia and Wickham is just perfect! Thank you all for the lovely stories!

  6. I agree with Stephanie L. Will they make it to a second anniversary if Lydia manages to surprise him in London. After all London is very large and I cannot imagine he would give her his location. Does she know where Mrs. Younge lives? And, as Stephanie reminded us, many authors manage to get him killed off, either in battle, by an irate father or even an irate husband. And in one book Colonel Fitzwilliams manages to deal him a death shot as he runs from having kidnapped G. and then assaulting E. as she comes to the rescue.

    But your portrayal of both Mrs. Bennet and Lydia are “right on”! Dimwits to the end.

    • Thanks, Sheila! So you like the idea of killing off Wickham, do you? Guilty as charged. I had him killed off in The Other Mr. Darcy. Wickham is the sort of person you know will eventually get into trouble, one way or the other.

      • I have not yet read that one but it is on my Wish List. A slow painful death is the best fate I see for him…he caused so much pain to others.

  7. Loved this, but saddened a bit, too. In my imagination, this has gone further – Wickham is gone – doesn’t want to be a father or a husband – took the last paycheck and skedaddled. Lydia may think she will surprise HIM, but it will be the other way around. If only she could count on him staying gone, she might be able to pass for a widow and start again… Alas, I don’t think that will work, either. There is nothing now but the shaming… She is clueless, but not wicked. So unfair. Oh, I have to stop thinking about this, hahaha.

  8. I cannot figure out if Mrs. Bennet has always been that blind about her youngest daughter’s husband or whether she just refuses to see him for what he is! She knew of his gaming debts, debts of honor, and seduction of young girls from her sister. Her and Lydia are dumb and dumber. I hope when Lydia goes to London, her dear Wickham shows more of evilness, and Lydia will see what a scoundrel he really is. I hope she shocks the s**t out of him. Money stolen by the servants, what is she thinking? Mrs. Bennet and Lydia blaming Darcy further exposes their complete stupidity. Those that Darcy helped with everything need to take her aside and Wickham’s signature on the document for accepting money instead of the living. His worthless daughter and son in law should be told enough already. First anniversary apart should tell her something’s not right. Clueless idiot for sure.

  9. There is a lot of blindness there, Carol. Sometimes people make so many excuses for those who hurt them because they don’t want to see the truth, but what is Mrs. Bennet’s reason for favoring Wickham? She at least should know better.

  10. Oh myyyy! I can’t bring myself to say “Poor Lydia!”, really, I can’t. Servants stealing the money, indeed! And she thinks her husband was so generous in giving her the money! Sorry, there’ll be far too many exclamation marks if I continue in that vein.

    Like others, I wonder if there will be a second anniversary for the Wickhams. Will they ever be together again? If he’s disappeared off to London more than a month since, could he ever be found? I don’t suppose Darcy will volunteer for another search this time.

    My abiding thought is for poor Baby Charles. To have been born to such parents, who think nothing of abandoning him and going off, seeking their own pleasures, for an unspecified amount of time. It doesn’t bode well for his future.

    Thanks for such an entertaining story, Monica, and to all the other authors who’ve taken part in this series.

    • Thank you, Anji. Baby Charles does have awful parents, I agree. At least you could say that Mrs. Bennet makes an effort to look out for her daughters. We just have to hope she’ll mature a bit as she grows older.

  11. Lydia is burying her head in the sand and Mrs. Bennet has joined her! The poor baby will need to be rescued! That bothers me more than I can say! Wickham doesn’t care what happens to anyone and Lydia just refuses to admit it or accept it.

    By the way Monica, I re-read ‘Mr. Darcy’s Pledge’ and just finished ‘Mr. Darcy’s Challenge’. Loved them both but I could have literally strangled Mr. Darcy several times! I was holding my breathe at times and wondering what could go wrong next! Then to think I have to wait for the next book! Please say it won’t be too long…

    • There’s a lot of sand around, too! Lydia’s clearly in denial and Mrs. Bennet is just too superficial.

      Thank you so much for you kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the two first books in the series. I’m working on the next 😉

  12. This was funny and so sad at the same time. I would say it is probably exactly how their anniversary would have gone. I just could never see that Wickham would have staid around all that long and Lydia still had so much growing up to do. I agree that the saddest thing is thinking about the baby. Poor guy! I hope one of his aunts takes pity on him or he will end up just like his father.

    I loved the month of first anniversary scenes and hope you make this a tradition each year with the second anniversary, third anniversary, etc.

  13. TLeigh, there’s still hope for the baby. It wasn’t unusual at that time for babies to be handed over to wet nurses who cared for them. The real test for Lydia will be what she does once little Charles has been weaned.

    We haven’t talked about the next anniversary yet but that sounds like a great tradition, TLeigh. It would be really fun to follow up each year on our couples.

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