Angst Antidote – A Succession of Rain — 17 Comments

  1. Although I already have a copy of A Pemberley Medley and love all of the stories in it, this is a lovely, sweet story to wake up to and read over breakfast this morning. Thank you for sharing it with us Abigail.

  2. Love this Abigail. It’s nice to read something without painful what if’s sometimes. I must check if this book is available to buy as I’m certain I will enjoy the other stories as well. Who knew that passing potatoes could be so enjoyable 😊 😊

  3. Beautiful story. There was enough tension between Darcy and Elizabeth, each with their own uncertainties to keep your readers reading to the end! I personally tire of novels where there is the prescribed plot points and ever rising crises. This also had the right amount of sexual description for my tastes. A reader can fill in the gaps or imagine what will happen next without graphic sexual details. Of course this is only one person’s opinion.

  4. SIGH! What Anji said…lovely to read over my oatmeal. I have read that book several times and it is all enjoyable. Thank you.

  5. I have read “Medley” several times. For those of you who have not read it, give yourself a treat with the proverbial ‘whole enchilada.” Is there a proverb about enchiladas?

  6. What a lovely little story. Delightful and keeping in character for Darcy and Lizzie

    Now I have to go find the “medley” book to read the rest

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