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  1. It’s such good news to hear there’s going to be a sequel to The Three Colonels. I really enjoyed reading it and the above excerpt from the sequel promises that the sequel is going to be just as good, if not better. Thanks for sharing it with us Jack.

  2. I loved The Three Colonels, and it is one of my favorite books. I can’t wait for Rosing Park to be released. Let it be soon, Jack! I think I now own all of your books except of course, the ones you haven’t written yet. 🙂

  3. This motivated me to buy The Three Colonels. I’m already happily involved with my new purchase and I’m looking forward to reading your new contribution.

  4. I enjoyed the excerpt from “Rosings Park”! I just finished reading “The Last Adventure of the Scarlet Pimpernel”. It is a wonderful book. I enjoyed it very much. So looking forward to “Persuaded to Sail” and “Rosings Park”.

  5. The Three Colonels–does it contain any of the back story for Darcy and Elizabeth that leads to what you have written about in Rosings Park? Can you give me a more detailed description of The Three Colonels than what appears on Amazon. I wonder if I need to read the new book?

    • THE THREE COLONELS is the sequel to P&P and S&S. Set in 1815, it follows three couples: Colonel Brandon and his wife, Marianne; Colonel Fitzwilliam and Anne de Bourgh; and Colonel Sir John Buford and Caroline Bingley. It’s about their lives, romances, and challenges, until Napoleon escapes from Elba, triggering war. Our colonels (and others) must go to fight at Waterloo while their loved ones remain at home, wondering if they will ever meet again.

      Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy are in the background of THE THREE COLONELS, but in many ways they are the glue that holds the story together.

      Things are different in ROSINGS PARK, the sequel to THE THREE COLONELS. Set mainly in 1817, the story follows three couples, this time the Fitzwilliams, the Bufords, and the Darcys. There will be mentions of the back story of the Darcys’ five-year marriage sprinkled throughout ROSINGS PARK, like Easter eggs. You see a bit of that above. I’m sure you would enjoy ROSINGS PARK without reading first THE THREE COLONELS, but you’ll miss the entertaining and romantic back stories of the Fitzwilliams and the Bufords.

      Here’s a solution. Ebook versions of THE THREE COLONELS are on sale now. It’s $2.99 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Sales ends November 17, 2016.

      • Thank you! I purchased The Three Colonels. However, I will probably wait until Rosings Park comes out in order to read them back-to-back!

  6. Oh Jack, I am very excited to hear you are half way through! I love the excerpt! I just recently finished ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’ which I actually enjoyed. Next up, I have to re-read and review ‘The Three Colonels’. I did so love that book! Maybe, by the time I get through all of them (The Last Adventure… included), ‘Rosings’ will be coming out! I can only hope!

  7. I just loved this excerpt. I bought the 3 Colonels a while back, but haven’t had a chance to read it yet, so now I just have to soon! And I will so look forward to “Rosings”. thank you!!!!!!!!

  8. I am going to enjoy “Rosings Park” once published as I thoroughly enjoyed its predecessor, “The Three Colonels”. However, as much as I love all the variations of “Pride and Prejudice” written here, my real Austen love has always been “Persuasion”. You must finish your edit/revision of “Persuaded to Sail” soon! Any chance of our seeing snippets of that work here on AustenVariations?….please.

  9. Just trying to open and read the many e-mails I have ignored while my nose was/is glued to the pages of an enthralling JAFF book. This sounds interested and I do see some other Rosings Park e-mails. Thanks for sharing. Anne has a phobia about making love anywhere but at Rosings – interesting…poor deprived Richard.

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