An Excerpt from ROSINGS PARK – Mr. Darcy and Mr. Collins — 19 Comments

  1. Very interesting, Jack! Very last line – did you mean to say what you did? You’ve proven Collins to be a capable farmer; therefore I believe you should say that he MAY BE WORTHY. He’s a bumbler in any other way…

    • A subplot of the novel is Richard’s transition from soldier to civilian. Richard is, in his mind, still a soldier. He gave his underling, Mr. Evans, an order and expects it to be carried out. He trusts his “men” to know their job. Plus, Richard wishes to prove himself as a landowner to Darcy.

      Another item. Richard is NOT a landowner. His wife, Anne, owns Rosings Park. She has placed him in charge of the farms and tenants. He never forgets this point. So, he is trying to prove himself to her.

      Lastly, Richard is not the kind of person to ask for help…

  2. Great excerpt! Love books in which Richard ends up with Anne and Darcy and he have potential “territorial” conflicts. Just noticed a couple of things in the excerpt, however.

    “food for the manner’s table” — manor’s
    “facilities” — unless this is Regency vocabulary should probably be faculties

    Happy writing; really looking forward to this sequel to Three Colonels which I really liked.

  3. A delightful excerpt! A mystery…who has salted the kitchen gardens?? Darcy’s on the case…. 😉

    As always, I look forward to one of your new books, Mr. Caldwell. Hoping your Muse decides to “giddy-up” rather than poke along. 😉

    Thank you for sharing this piece with us!

    Susanne 🙂

  4. Great excerpt. Collins is a bumbling idiot, but at least he solved part of the garden problem. Now he needs to figure out where all the salt came from and who destroyed the garden.

  5. Now this is an interesting twist…who wants Richard to fail? Mrs. Collins has certainly continued with her encouragement to have Mr. Collins work in his garden! Looking forward to this!

  6. I like this. You have taken directly grom Jane Austen, Mr Collins and his love of his garden, and showed it as a strength in a character that is usually depicted to be a clown. Well done!

  7. This does sound very interesting. I do like a good mystery story and even with this short excerpt I am wondering not only who the culprit could be but also their motive. The persons who would receive the charity now directed to purchasing food are the ones hurting, not the Rosings estate. Thank you for sharing and further good luck with your writing.

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