All Things Austen — A view from Jane Austen’s Window — 22 Comments

  1. Love the pictures! While I may not be able to travel there (yet), you make me feel as if I almost know what it is like. Thank you!

  2. So lovely to see these photos and be reminded of
    my visits to many of the locations we associate
    with Jane Austen’s life.
    Thank you also for the giveaway!

  3. I would love to travel there some day, but since that will probably not happen anytime soon, I am thankful to see the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  4. i never really been able to travel much due to funds but this is definitely something to add to my Jane Austen list of visit locations!

  5. Thank you Maria for these lovely pictures. The rose covered cottage is gorgeous and the flowers around as well. I liked the photo of the graves of both Cassandra’s and the rose left by each one. The sheep and kitty were cute!

  6. Thank you, Maria, for the slide show. Not only is that a lovely place, I was impressed with the feeling of peace that seems to pervade it. It would have been the perfect place to let one’s imagination run free. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons why her books appeal to so many.

  7. Thank you! It brings back many happy memories. I was there in 2007. We were so excited with my best friend to be there and imagine Jane was there too so many years ago. The garden is lovely. We were so thrilled to visit Chawton house as it happened to be opened that particular day to visitors. We had tea there and enjoy some Regency music and dance from a local group.

  8. Such a beautiful setting and place to live. Your pictures make it looked almost untouched by time, and easy to imagine Jane walking about.

  9. Like you, I’ve had the privilege of visiting Chawton, seeing that little writing table and looking out of the windows wondering what Jane Austen herself would have seen and what has changed in 200 years. We also made the short journey down to the Great House but sadly it was closed to visitors that day.

    Thanks for the lovely photos. Your weather was so much better than ours and June as opposed to December. Wish I could get there in June this year but circumstances have conspired to prevent it.

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