Jane Austen’s Advent – Day 11 – Pride, Prejudice, & Snow continues — 35 Comments

  1. Why on earth didn’t Elizabeth realise that Michelle had probably lied about Will after she lied to beat Elizabeth to a job?
    Anyway it looks like she has seen sense now and hopefully will admit her obvious feelings for him.
    Can’t wait for the rest 😍😍

    • It would be lovely if she recognized all her past errors, but many of us don’t rethink old decisions that often. If she ran into Will more often, she might have, but she goes out of her way to avoid him, making it easier to keep her misapprehensions. Glad you’re enjoying it!

    • Very perceptive, Nancy! That was my starting point for the story years ago. I’d been through an experience where I’d completely believed a character assassination because I liked the woman who was telling me it, and, like Elizabeth, paid dearly for my gullibility. I realized that in my life it’s always been a woman who has told me lies to turn me against someone, so I decided to write a modern bit where Wickham’s early role of poisoning Elizabeth’s mind against Darcy was played by a female friend. I don’t mean to imply women are untrustworthy – I tend to find them more trustworthy most of the time – but that a woman who is a bad apple can really cause a lot of misery. I expect we’ve all known one or two of them!

  2. I do like that you have turned the tables and made an ex-friend of both Will and Elizabeth as the ‘Wickham’ in this novel. It is true, bad apples come in all shapes, sizes and genders. Really enjoyed the interaction between Will and Elizabeth as well as Elizabeth and Georgiana! Can’t wait to read more on the 24th! Merry Christmas!

  3. Loved it. Will be eagerly awaiting the conclusion on Christmas eve which by the way, is the day we Norwegians celebrate Christmas. Wonder if it will be rude to read during a Christmas party… 😉

  4. As already said: love this story. Yes, females fight with their mouths while males duke it out has always been my understanding. Even though I went to a very small school (24 in our class) we had cliques and gossiping and “mean girls” who looked down on and talked about the house you lived in and the clothes you wore and the job your dad had. Sadly with social media it seems even worse today.

    Elizabeth and Will are certainly addressing some very big misunderstandings in this story. I hope Georgiana takes that class. So very looking forward to the rest of this story although our family gets together on Christmas Eve rather that Christmas Day as the parents of our grandchildren want to spend the day at home and I don’t blame them. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. Or Happy Hanukkah to those who have that holiday.

    • Thanks, Sheila. Those mean girls can do a lot of damage, can’t they? I agree about social media – I can’t imagine being a teenager now where there’s no way to get away from the bullies. I think Elizabeth will be a good role model for this Georgiana who needs to find her own strength.

      If it’s any help, the final part will be posted just after midnight Eastern time so you might be able to squeeze it in, or you can save it as a Christmas present. 😉

  5. I am soooooo enjoying this story, Abigail!! I hate waiting all the way until Christmas Eve for the final installment, but that makes the anticipation all the more sweet. 😉

    I really like this Darcy–he tells the truth and obviously has a good heart with helping feed the hungry at the church and his little hacker group. (Clever idea, that!)

    It’s also interesting that Lizzy’s best friend ends up being the “Wickham” who created the barrier between them to prevent their friendship from blossoming into something more.

    A wonderful story–I am very much looking forward to December 24 now!! Thank you, Abigail, for sharing this gem with us!!

    Wishing everyone a holy Advent and a joyous Christmastide!!

    Susanne 🙂

    • Glad to hear it! I’d meant to post the final part next week, but it was already full up with other fun Advent posts. Then I decided to post it on Christmas Day since that was open, but there’s another story that needs that. The Advent calendar seems to have inspired many of us!

  6. Gotta love this story! Hopefully Lizzy will use her self defense treatment on the liar Michelle.
    If whoever attacked Georgiana tries again after she takes Lizzy’s self defense class, he won’t be able to get away this time. Hopefully he is caught.

  7. Lovely story with Will and Elizabeth showing their kindness and generosity at Christmas and his help to the young people. As Elizabeth realised what a gem he is, do hope ugly Michelle has not spoiled her affection for Will and Georgiana’s attacker can be put away

  8. Lizzy is so hooked that it is funny watching her fight it … for 2 weeks ‘seeing’ him everywhere and then facing him, determined to hang on to old hurts (imagined ones since they were all lies) and fighting down her attraction to him. Since he is so willing to be open and honest with her (about Georgiana’s experience, Michelle’s lies, his attraction to her in school .. and now) it forces her to be more honest about her own perceptions now and back in school. Once she admits her attraction and gives up her negative reactions, Will will make sure things go swiftly to a very pleasant conclusion for

    I’m so glad you are gifting us with this story. Thank you very much

  9. Thank you Abigail – Am enjoying this story very much
    I posted the Spice biscuit recipe I mentioned on the 4th December post on comment section for the first part of the story

  10. I am loving this story! I think it would make a really neat Christmas novella, expanded to see more of, well, everything. 😀 (Sometime in the future.) Every little bit of this story has been so good, I’m greedy for more. I know the last part will be wonderful, it’s wonderful already!!

    We definitely all know a Michelle/Wickham, or several. The one that stands out for me was a coworker years ago. She made the atmosphere there very uncomfortable. All was all very confusing, too, until we later learned that her husband abused her physically. Talk about uncomfortable. Things for me personally turned around in that relationship as I befriended her. But she had chosen someone there every other month to target, talking about them when they were not in the room, in very unkind and nasty ways. Very sad situation, and though I had befriended her, I felt so powerless to be of any true help. I lost track of her when we moved out of state. But I still think of her.

    Now, I absolutely have to have that stuffing recipe. Ooooo. I make my Grandmother’s recipe for Thanksgiving, but I like to experiment a couple times a year with different varieties.

    Merry Christmas to everyone, Happy Holidays however you celebrate.

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