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  1. Oh, I am so excited to read the whole thing now. If you are still looking for beta readers, please consider me. Thank you for writing these books. Looking forward to Jan now. 🙂

  2. Abigail, thanks for sharing this preview. I couldn’t stop reading it although it is way past midnight. I would be happy to be one of your betas.

  3. Dear Abigail, thank you so much for this preview! I received the message and I read this morning during breakfast and it was impossible for me to stop! I would be happy to give you my feedback and thanks for your books

  4. What a wonderful preview. Cannot wait to read more. Enjoy your stories and this will be another addition to my Kindle library.

  5. Oh how excited am I now! What a wonderfully long tempting extract and now I have something to look forward to after Christmas. You are truly one of my favourite authors and a new book from you is such a delight.

  6. What a delightful excerpt!!! So sweet and full of possibilities! I loved that they had all this time together and especially that they had a chance to talk openly, even though in true D&E form, that probably won’t be enough to bring them together quickly & smoothly 😉 Thanks for sharing it, Abigail and sorry to hear about real-life setback that sidetracked you. Looking forward to January!

    • Really did enjoy this story. I am really looking forward to January and rest of story. Really left me hanging when Darcy disappeared. What will Elizabeth do?

  7. What a treat it was to read this excerpt with my morning coffee! At this rate, you’re going to have to draw names from a hat to pick just ‘a couple’ of beta readers. Toss my name in the bucket, if you please!

  8. What a wonderful excerpt to wake up to this morning. I loved the detail used when Darcy had the head injury especially the detail with the difficulty with dexterity. As someone who has dealt with the small motor difficulties after a head injury and having to relearn to tie a shoe, button a coat, write, drive a car I appreciated it. it seems like such a sweet story. Darcy’s disappearance has me concerned is it accidental or on purpose? I love the cover and excerpt you shared. thank you for sharing both. I eagerly anticipate the release of the book. if you are still looking for beta readers I would be interested.

  9. Abigail, your stories always hook me at the beginning. Too bad I really need to start work or I would finish it now! I am having a hard time stopping before I finish. I know real-life gets in the way of many things and hope that things are better. Looking forward to January!

  10. Oh, my. I am so happy you shared this with us. Thank you! I am greatly anticipating the January release and adding this to my Abigail Reynolds collection. You always have such amazing plots!. Do plot bunnies live at your house, perhaps in Snowdrop’s closet?

  11. Looks like another awesome story. I had to laugh that Darcy sure remembered a lot of specifics about ODG and yet, all the while, saying to himself that he was over his obsession and would be able to meet her indifferently. Very funny. It looks like you have many willing betas, but I would also be willing if you need me let me know.

  12. OMG. This is so wonderful. It really lifted my spirits. I would love to beta but I suspect you will have such a tremendous number of applicants that my plea to assist you will get lost. How can I distinguish myself? Will it help to know that I also majored in theatre [at Temple University] and that I grew up near Bryn Mawr College?

    Regardless, I can’t wait to read your book.

  13. What! There’s not more? Oh, Abigail, you cruel, cruel woman! Did he fall again in the snow? Will she need to rescue him again? Did someone nefarious approach the cottage and he drew them away? The thought of waiting until January is PAINFUL! Sigh!

    The cover is perfectly lovely. It invites you to open it as soon as you recover from the swoon. (Sighing again!)

  14. Abigail, thank you do much for sharing ! I hope the life setbacks have gotten better or gone all together. Thankfully January is not that far away. This will make a lovely birthday present for myself !

    Love the cover !!

  15. I’d love to be a beta. I am well-qualified to correct grammar and poor clarity, probably not so good on matters of style. I don’t catch the obvious grammar errors and poor word choices in your books that I do in some others.

  16. It was three o’clock when I started reading. Wrote a short note of excitement about your new book. Finished the last chapters today. Completely caught up in your story. Hope it keeps snowing for days. Both fighting attractions they both want and, then again, don’t. I hope Darcy finally gets story out about Wickham so Elizabeth and think straight for a change. If you still need readers, I would be happy to do so. Cannot wait to add another of your wonderful tales to my collection..

  17. Thanks for that long and wonderful excerpt! I feel sorry for Darcy who is in for a rude awakening when he finds out how Elizabeth really feels about him. But having this chance for them to both let their guard down can be really good for understanding each other. I can’t wait to read more! Sorry real life set you back but glad you are back on track! I add my offer to beta to the long list you already have!

  18. Wow, this is certainly excellent. I can’t wait for the book to be published. I wished you have finished it soon because I would love to read it right away. Thank you for sharing these three chapters, Abigail.

  19. If you are still looking for a beta, I would be happy to take on the manuscript. I betaed “Mr. Darcy’s Dilemma and Delight” for Jadie Brooks, so if you need a reference as to my qualifications, I’m sure that she would be happy to provide one.

    I’ve enjoyed your books, and it would be privilege to beta one of them.


  20. Abigaaaaaaaailll!! What are you doing to me?!!! I need to read the rest of this right now!!! Truly, you’re always wonderful but this is my favorite scenario. Trapped and getting to know each other with scandal on the horizon.

    I would absolutely love to be a beta. I’m not good with grammar things but I love reading for story and character arc. I’ve done quite a few now, even self-published ones. I’m not quite sure how to sell myself here aside from my enthusiasm. I am well known for sitting down and finishing a manuscript or a story in one or two days when it captures me and yours certainly has.

    • I feel your frustration, Rose. I have NO qualifications other than to let the author know if I like it or not or which parts I loved or hated. So, I believe I’m out of the running.

      You know what we should do? Offer to be an ARC reviewer. Make Abigail promise to send us a copy so we can post a review right away on whatever site she wants. Now, how do we “make” her? You are smart. Can you figure that one out, please? – Joy

  21. What an excerpt! I’m so excited to read this. Where did Darcy go? Is he hurt? Will they resolve things before the snow stops? Will the tenant people come home and be angry all their beer is gone? I need to know! I think everyone wants to beta read for you! I’d be happy to add my name to that list, too, though I don’t know how qualified I am.

    I’m glad Lizzy started to realize how self-centered she was being about Charlotte! I was about to throw a snowball at her head. lol I understand how she feels disappointed in her friend’s choice but it’s not as if Char can just hop on eHarmony and find a husband.

    Poor Mr Darcy. I once read that saliva has antimicrobial properties, so she may need to kiss him a bit. For his health of course.

  22. Fabulous; just fabulous.

    If you need a beta reader, please keep me in mind; I would be honored. FYI, I read very quickly and have years of experience proof-reading essays & articles. You can see my (hidden) website; there are samples of my own expository writing there.

  23. I think this was worth the wait! I’m hooked and I can’t wait to read the entire story. I’d be happy to give you feedback on the rest!

    Thanks so much for posting!

  24. I was absolutely thrilled with the first chapters of your new book and can’t wait to read the rest.
    I would be honoured to be your beta reader, as I already do this for another Darcy What if author.
    I am a retired teacher so my grammar and punctuation is good. You might find that my spellings are English: for example honoured/ honored. Either way I will be reading the rest of your story, as I have all of your books: By Force of Instinct is my all time favourite.

  25. I was completely enchanted reading this excerpt and am ravenous for the rest of it! It would be an honor to be a BETA . Once I start a book I cannot put it down and have been known to read through the night! Jane fan fiction has seen me through some tough times and what a pleasure to know there is always something on the horizon. Looking forward to January!!

  26. A really great start! i tried to wait till the weekend to savor these chapters, but only lasted 8 hours before devouring them. A checklist of topics for them to discuss is intriguing. I am glad to see him trying to express his feelings even tho it goes against his nature.

    No way he can go another nite snuggled with her and not steal at least a kiss – his logic would be that, hey, they are engaged even if she does not agree – yet. I hope he does not apologize for taking advantage – that is such a common scenario. Lets see, he wants to talk about a special license and she wants to talk about Wickham – this small shack will explode from all the fireworks!! Still hoping for a snowball fight – Elizabeth would win! Would he call her Beth in a moment of intimacy? Can we take a vote on if he is called William, Will, Bill, or her little Snooky Wooky? So many ways to take the story – we all wait with bated breath…

    • Oh yeah, he passed out on the firewood outside, she drags him in. His being a shivering mess, what can she do? Share her body warmth seems like a good idea! When he recovers, he would not bother with a proposal, just a firm edict of how it is going to be. There! That solves all their problems – from his point of view. Her reaction? Meek acceptance to his superior maleness of course! 😎

      • I believe both parties need to be undressed too, for the body heat transfer to really work, hmmmm. That would for sure be a compromise right there! 🙂

  27. Absolutely Deborah. But did you notice where she is agreeable to some of his ideas – would he take her acquiescence as meekness? Only Abigail knows!

    All of a sudden he is going to jerk upright in a moment of panic! His horse!! Is Olympus wandering around in this storm? We must go find him! To him the engagement is a done deal so he can focus on something important – his horse needs him!!

    • Funny he hasn’t thought of his horse yet, but with the concussion and loss of recent memories(the last few days worth) does he remember he was riding Olympus?

      • Well, maybe his memory is coming back – on the important things! All Darcy has to tell Elizabeth is that he cannot lie so he will have to tell both her parents about their holiday in the woods – that will do the trick! He always has to make situations much more complicated than is needed!

        • Dave, all he would need to do is to breathe a hint to Mrs.. Bennet and she would completely manipulate the rest of their lives in about 3,000 words. Uh-oh! Now Abigail has a novella.

          I am worried about the horse though. And beer. What is the percentage of alcohol in Regency beer? Is it enough that they can blame the spirits for the nighttime snuggle?

          Secretly I hope for a snowball fight where Lizzy whacks him with a hard packed missle and knocks him back out. He wakes up completely besotted with the only woman he knows who has a fastball.

          • Love it Joy! You had me chuckling “the only woman he knows who has a fastball.”. I do agree with Joy that we’ve managed to turn this novel into a novella. I don’t think Abigail will like that very much.
            But, seriously, I am worried about the horse.

          • LOL Joy! I like the fastball idea – he could wake up mumbling about her bowling on the cricket pitch at Pemberley. Plus he would now have another goose egg – on his forehead.

            That would be an interesting way for men to duel – cricket balls at ten paces. No gentleman would shy away but would stand four square and take the hit. Ouch!

            • Holy Sports Bloopers, Batman! I sure hope Abigail reads our suggestions so she can incorporate this into her story. There could be Pemberley Pride versus Wickham Wobblers. That would be better than the rivalry between Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers. Aren’t we helpful? Thanks for the ideas, Dave. I’m sure Abigail will be delighted with our suggestions. Oh, wait a minute, my tongue seems to be permanently lodged in my cheek.

            • OK. So how about hiding cricketballs in snowballs being thrown from the reinforced snowforts?

  28. What a wonderful way to spend this afternoon read, I have missed spending time with Miss Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. I can see that time does not heal old wounds with either of them and look forward to the coming tribulations that spending this time with Miss Elizabeth will play on Mr. Darcy. My middle name is Beta and would love to be one of the testers. I can not wait to find the finished book… soon please.


  29. Trapped with Mr. Darcy in a little cabin during a raging snowstorm? Works for me! Abigail, I loved it! January seems so far away. I would consider it an honor to be a beta reader for you, but I’ll be moving to a new state (well, it’s my home state actually…haven’t lived there in 5 years and am thrilled to be going back), and I will be busy getting settled in during January. I so look forward to rewarding myself with your newest novel!

  30. I can not wait for the rest of this! It’ll be a happy birthday to me come late January. And what was Darcy doing there in the first place?? We need just one more chapter. 😉

  31. What a great beginning! Can’t wait to read the rest. As they were arguing, I was expecting Wickham’s accusations to come up, but I’m guessing those are still in store. I have to admit I’m not sure exactly what the expectations are for a beta reader — grammar? spelling? looking for holes in the plot? If your first 100 applicants fall through, then please count me in! I honestly am just motivated by the chance to read the rest of the story as soon as possible!

  32. Absolutely **loved** this!! 🙂 I’ve read over half of your books and have adored every single one. I’m also a former university instructor in writing and literature although now I’m teaching high school courses (and grading essays is my constant occupation). I’ve also edited several books for publication. I’d love to be a beta for you–you may take a peek at my bio and CV at

    Lovely book–I am so excited so see more of it soon, one way or another!! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

  33. Abigail, I would be happy to be a Beta reader. I do proof reading for my friend that is a court reporter and I am the resident proofer at my office. Know that isn’t much. You already have several offers from well qualified people so if you need some more help, I would be happy to be there.

  34. That’s wonderful, Abigail. I think she is so caught up in her prejudice that she can misunderstand anything he says or does and he is so caught up in pride of person that he doesn’t see the warning signs. Wonder if this opportunity will be completely squandered. 😉

  35. This was great. Can the snow last long enough for them to come to an understanding? Will they have an even bigger disagreement than at Hunsford? Who will discover them? I can hardly wait for the rest of the story!

  36. Beautiful as usual! I love this story line, with so many twists and turns possible!! I’m so happy you have such a great imagination – I can’t wait to see where you take our favorite couple!! Thanks for sharing these chapters.

  37. Good heavens! I’m overwhelmed by all the offers. I may have to resort to a lottery. But not to fear if you don’t hear from me – my last book went through 3 rounds of betas before I was satisfied! That’s not 3 betas, but 3 rounds of 3 different betas.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the chapters!

  38. Sometimes a cup of tea and Mr Darcy are the only things that will do, thank you for making Darcy even more delicious than dear miss Austen. I can not wait to read the rest of the book so that being said I would love to be a beta reader for you.

  39. Love it! I can’t wait to read the rest! I have never been a beta reader, but I would be honored. I am a high school English teacher, so I know a thing or two about grammar.

  40. Oooh! I love it! Lots of interesting places to go with what you have here. I’d love to be a beta reader, or be considered, or tossed in the lottery. I’m an assistant editor with Xchyler Publishin, not that we publish JAFF stories, much to my chagrin. But I still know a thing or two about offering an opinion and an eye for detail! Can’t wait to see the end result! It’s always such a pleasure to read your books. 🙂

  41. Oooh! I love it! Lots of interesting places to go with what you have here. I’d love to be a beta reader, or be considered, or tossed in the lottery. I’m an assistant editor with Xchyler Publishing, not that we publish JAFF stories, much to my chagrin. But I still know a thing or two about offering an opinion and an eye for detail! Can’t wait to see the end result! It’s always such a pleasure to read your books. 🙂

  42. Wonderful excerpt! My favorite thing about all of your books is your characterization of Elizabeth. You always manage to make me love her more and more with each one of your books. If an author cannot get Elizabeth just right, it is worse (in my eyes) than not getting Darcy quite right.

    I know there have been many offers already, but I will throw my name out there to be a beta reader, too. I teach high school English, and have read, perhaps, too many (is it even possible?) JAFF stories.

    Regardless of whomever is chosen to beta, I know we are all eagerly awaiting this book. It will be like Christmas in January!

  43. Love the first three chapters! Talk about a cliff hanger…

    Looking forward to reading more! If you are still looking for beta readers, I’d like to add my name to your list if you still need people.

  44. I didn’t read very much of this but what I read was exciting.
    I know if I read more I will be longing for your novel to be out, so I’m not going to spoil it for myself.
    I can’t wait for it, Abigail! I don’t post hardly anymore but your writing gets better with every book and I am such a big fan of it. Always looking for another one from you!

  45. Hi Abigail, This was Awesome as always! I am ready to pre-order NOW!!!! I see you have many offers for cold reader/betas so I am guessing those positions are already taken. Drat, as I’m dying to read the rest. However, I will patiently await publication. Meanwhile, I hope all goes well with the final proofs and that you have no snags before January. Love it! ~Jen Red~

  46. Thank you so much for this wonderful taste of your first 3 chapters! Looking forward to it’s release in January.

  47. I was only able to read a few paragraphs of your new novel due to time constraints today, but I was immediately hooked. Great writing. I will look forward to finishing the 3 chapters you have shared and reading it in its entirety in January. Thanks for sharing.

  48. the first time through I did not even think about the horse but now I am worried about him. My daughter in Wisconsin keeps her horse in a pasture with lean-tos into which the horses can go if they wish, but they prefer to stay outside.When I expressed dismay, she explained how and why horses can maintain their body temp in weather where we could not. I hope Darcy’s horse found a lean-to somewhere.


  49. Loved the preview and can’t wait for the book. I would love to be a beta reader and am an excellent copy editor (totally stick to the typo kind of edits). Hope to help!

  50. This story is haunting me! Where is Abigail going to take it? My earlier teasers were fun so… I see three options for Darcy’s disappearance.
    First, he imagined a glimpse of his horse and is stumbling around looking for it.
    Second, he is taking a wee out of Elizabeth’s sight – use a chamber pot in the next room? Not likely, even if there was one to use. (that is typical male thinking)
    Third, he stumbled on the woodpile, fell and coshed his head – again. Now we would hear some interesting curses as Elizabeth finds him and drags his stubborn, unconscious carcass back to the dwindling fire. Oh, his lips are blue and he is shivering all over! What is she to do??
    Happy Holidays to all!

  51. I am absolutely intrigued with this one and as soon the book is released, I will add it to my collection. I too am mystified as to where this one will head off to but am very eager to find out. Bring on 08 January 2015!


    I think I love Darcy’s internal monologue most of all. From wet clothing to stockings, stockings to legs, legs to legs being conveniently wrapped around… Well, you know. But then there are Lizzy’s conversations with him, especially at the beginning where she teases him into submission. Just lovely! 🙂

    I tracked down the posted out takes and that made me even hungrier. I liked Charlotte’s little trick with the post. I imagine it’s an outtake because they find each other in another way, but it was a very entertaining scene, so I’m glad you shared. Whenever you end up having to cut major portions, I think it would still be fun to read your little variations along the way to the final draft. I hope you share more, especially after we have the opportunity to read the final.

    I hope you have a marvelous new year!

    Do you have a better idea of when the finished product will hit and where? (Amazon? here?)

  53. OMG I seriously can’t wait for this one! Your site says Spring. Do you have a more exact release date? I loved every word of this excerpt! If you are still looking for a Beta reader I would be happy to help.

  54. OMG, I want it and I want it right now. Actually yesterday would do nicely. Please tell us when it will be available to buy. I have said it before and will say it again, no one and I mean no one comes even close to you when it comes to P&P variations. I absolutely love the first chapters and cannot wait to read the book in its entirety. O.K. so tonight I will say a prayer that it comes out very, very soon.
    Thanks again,

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