A Most Respectable Elopement, Part Twenty Two — 12 Comments

  1. Wow! Phew! It certainly does sound true so maybe he is a hero???
    I can’t wait for Lydia’s plan. But I’m not sure she should be surrendering her virtue just yet as there is no guarantee he will be alive long enough to marry her! (I always do look on the pessimistic side)

  2. La what a joke indeed! Yes, they must ‘stand firm’ and thwart this evil! I can only imagine what Lydia has in mind! Clever girl knew what would scare the villains the first time they were stopped! Oh to think that Wickham thought to protect her family…well done indeed! I’m curious to see where Darcy fits into all of this.

  3. Ha! I still cannot decide if this is a joke or a true happening. If it is true…will Wickham survive and will we ever see Darcy?

  4. You know… as much as I hate to admit it… this works. I can see a Wickham/Lydia spy team. They both are so outrageous that they could do about anything they set their mind to… disguises included. When I first started reading this… I still held on to my Wickham prejudices. Can he be serious, can he be redeemed, will he truly love Lydia? I sure hope so as I am warming up to them. I don’t like it that you have done this to me… dang, nefarious authors… with their manipulative coercion. No… all joking aside, I LOVE it. You are making me a believer.

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