A Farewell to Jane, on the 200th anniversary of her death — 27 Comments

  1. Thank you for this thoughtful and appropriate post. I sometimes wonder if her comment ‘Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery’ was one of her reasons for not writing more about death in her books. It was such a constant in her life.

    • I think you are right, Carole, I’ve had the same thought about that quote. She made the decision not to dwell on death – she was so interested in men and women, and living.

  2. Very nice tribute, Diana. Jane had a rapier wit and a way with words. In a letter to Cassandra January 1799, she referred obliquely to her death. ‘You express so little anxiety about my being murdered under Ash Park Copse by Mrs. Hulbert’s servant, that I have a great mind not to tell you whether I was or not.’ 🙂

  3. Thank for such a lovely tribute, Diana. I would have loved to have been in Winchester last Tuesday but was unable to make the journey, but I will be there at the end of August and will be paying my respects then.

    • It looked like the most beautiful and emotional time, Anji, I was sorry not to be there, too. But my heart was, and my body will be there too, some time this autumn.

  4. Sorry, I just got to this. So many e-mailed blogs recently. Yes, Jane has forever found a place in history and in our hearts. Thanks for sharing.

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