WIP – When Pride Prevails – Chapter 3 — 25 Comments

  1. Well written. The small details such as waiting in the line of coaches made it all seem real. I am intrigued to learn Mr. Darcy’s secret

  2. There were some clues to the mystery in this chapter. The danger seem somehow to be more connected to Pemberley than the Darcy name… Still have no clue why though but the story i certainly captivating and engaging.

  3. Poor Darcy, he is really suffering for whatever happened. Now I think the best medicine would be a dance with Elizabeth so I’m waiting impatiently to read about it 😊

  4. I felt every moment of Darcy’s angst, but still wonder what his role in the war was/is and what his reaction to Elizabeth will be when he sees her. Will you stick to canon or try something different? What will Elizabeth’s reactions be? Oh, the torture of waiting another week to find out!

  5. Hi Monica! Just caught up with your story and I am really enjoying it!! This mystery around Darcy is fascinating and I first thought it was a duel with Wickham because of Georgiana. Now I am not so sure! I am very curious! I hope Darcy and Elizabeth have some interaction next chapter. I am also curious as to whom Bingley will fancy. There is no Jane for him now. And hopefully it won’t be Elizabeth, God forbid! Maybe Maria? Or Kitty? Are you going to post the whole story here?

  6. It was so real… my heart was pounding with his anxiety. Was Elizabeth’s dance partner so bad when she refused to dance with him? I mean… in canon she danced with Collins. What could be worse than that? Was there a reason she refused?? It was clear that this was their routine. I am confused… I thought once a partner was refused… she was out for the evening not just the set. Anyway, I am anxious for answers to who, what and why Darcy is in this state of anxiety and what is he hiding from or trying to avoid? Continue please…

    • Good point, J.W. You’re keeping me on my toes! I’ll look at the paragraph and make sure it’s clearer. I am planning to continue, for now at least, and the novel will be out towards the end of February…

  7. Well you certainly built up the tension, as I could feel myself holding my breath! I’m not one to wish my life away, but 3 weeks is certainly dragging. I do wonder if Elizabeth will feel that thunderbolt when Darcy finally looks at her or is introduced!!! Oh the mystery you have surrounding him…oh the mystery of who Jane has married…

  8. Oh dear me, when you mentioned Elizabeth’s thunderbolt, I was sure that it was going to happen here as soon as she saw Darcy. Teasing girl, Monica! Will Darcy experience the same? Will either of them? We could certainly feel Darcy’s tension ramping up, until “Mr. Ridgeway” turned towards him. Thanks so much for another riveting chapter.

    P.S. Just one small point: “Everything was on hold”? “On hold” doesn’t sound particularly Regency and when I checked the OED, it’s down as US in origin from around the 1960s.

  9. I felt so sorry for Darcy! He was definitely in agony at the assembly, especially when he thought he recognized someone.

    I have a feeling that Elizabeth will quickly put two and two together regarding his past, but of course his secret will be safe with her even if he does not know so yet.

    I wonder if Elizabeth (or Darcy) will feel that “thunderbolt” when they finally meet. I can’t wait to see what happens next!!

    A wonderful chapter, Monica!! The sense of tension throughout this story thus far gives it quite an edge; with so many questions unanswered, we can’t help but wonder what Darcy has done (I dearly hope he has killed Wickham in a duel!) and what will happen if he is discovered.

    Thank you for sharing these chapters with us!

    Susanne 🙂

  10. You have my attention! I have read so many of these variations that, at times, they seem to run together. It would appear that you have found yet another fascinating spin on our beloved tale. Just so you know, I am not a bit surprised. You are one of my favorite authors and I look forward to your release in a few weeks.

    Congratulations on what appears to be another success.

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