Persuasion 200: Wentworth Sees a Gentleman Admiring Anne — 15 Comments

  1. Very nice depiction of Wentworth and his confusion and jealousy. I think he deserves to be tortured after he’s been carrying on with Louisa. I think maybe Anne was “blooming” and looking more lively after getting some attention and admiration from people who are not just relying on her being helpful or useful to them. (And the bracing sea air helped, too!)

  2. Kara Louise, I loved this wonderful glimpse into the Captain’s mind! It’s so gratifying to learn that he’s starting to realise that Anne is the only woman who interests him at heart!

  3. Wentworth’s interest cannot be denied, even to himself. Poor deluded, foolish man to try to think otherwise. His heart is drawn to Anne and so is his mind and he thinks she’s forgotten him? He sees what a kind person she is giving attention to Benwick and bringing him from his sorrow, even if only a little. Thank you for such an interesting look into Wentworth’s mind. It was an interesting sojourn Kara.

    • And it’s sad they are both deluded in the same way. Jane Austen wrote two characters that our heart goes out to, but sometimes we just want to shake some sense into them!

      • Yes, we do, but, if there wasn’t the turmoil and angst there would be no real story. If we didn’t want to shake them sometimes our emotions wouldn’t be as involved and the story wouldn’t have the impact it does.

        • That’s true, Deborah! And Jane doesn’t clue us into Wentworth’ inner feelings, so we are left to wonder how he feels, much like Anne.

  4. Yes, we do all want to shake some sense into both of them but then where would our story be? Even without JA stating it we know Frederick must have noted not only Eliot’s notice of her but also her connection with Benwick. She has a knack of noticing and doing for souls who are in need even if the need, like Mary’s, selfish and/or self-centered. And she does it quietly and calmly. But Frederick is still hurting from past rejection while she is hurting from a misguided decision and its consequences.

    • So true, Sheila! And the more Wentworth sees how Anne interacts compared to the other ladies, the more certain he is that no one but Anne will do for him, despite, as you say, the hurt from her rejection.

  5. A spark of jealousy and his mind is engaged, comparing Anne to the Musgrove girls, a turning point…a great chapter in our ongoing story…

  6. Thanks, Stephanie! And we know he has to go through the guilt of feeling responsible for Louisa’s fall, so he still has a lot to deal with!

  7. A well-thought out scene, Kara. Wentworth is capable of feeling jealous to anyone who admires and talks to Anne which means some part of him is aware that he still has feeling for Anne although he denies it. I love knowing what goes on in his mind. 🙂

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