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  1. I enjoyed Clueless when it first came out in 1995 but I haven’t watched it since. I had watched it with my daughter. I believe I own the VHS still! I would have to agree with all your “M’s”! The only other one I one I can come up with is ‘M=Mess’. She certainly made a mess of things!

    • Yes, she does make a mess of a lot of things! I couldn’t believe it had been over 20 years since it came out! Thanks, Carole!

  2. I love Clueless! I re-watched it recently and enjoyed every minute. I think it’s a great example of modernizing a classic- really making it your own while leaving the elements of the story intact. I’m also a fan because the movie came out when I was in high school, so I remember a lot of those outfits, cliques, and expressions (though I didn’t grow up in California).

  3. Clueless has always been one of our family’s favorite films. We have been known to claim, “I totally paused!” when making a California stop. “As if!” comes up quite frequently, too.

    As much as I don’t care for Emma (she gets on my nerves!), the only ways in which I have enjoyed this storyline is via Clueless and in Amanda Grange’s novel Mr. Knightley’s Diary. Other than that, I could do quite well without Emma; she’s my least favorite Austen heroine and one of my least favorite characters in literature. (Bracing for flying tomatoes….)

    Susanne 🙂

    • I think Emma is quite clueless, and I think the title for the film was brilliant. Don’t worry, I’m not throwing tomatoes, Susanne, as she is down on my list of heroines, as well.

  4. I enjoyed Clueless even at my age. I loved Jeremy Northam as Mr. Knightley, but I have a hard time with Emma no matter who plays her. Even when she does the right thing, it’s for the wrong reasons. Her treatment of Harriet Smith was terrible. It’s like Harriet is Emma’s pet. But as I said, I love Jeremy, and I watch the movie b/c of him and Mr. Elton. Love Alan Cumming.

    • Thanks, Mary! It is interesting how the films casting either help or hinder our liking of a character. I prefer the most recent one with Johnny Lee Miller and Romola Garai, but there are actually different aspects of each version I like better than the others.

  5. This was very interesting. I have never seen Clueless, so I find this interesting and may give it a whirl some time.

  6. I have never seen CLUELESS, but I do like Emma. However, Lizzy and Jane are two of my favorite JA female characters (along with Elinor from SENSE AND SENSIBILITY). Jeremy Northam is a wonderful Mr. Knightley.

    • You might just give it a try. I can’t guarantee that everyone will like it, but it is a bit more lighthearted than Emma.

  7. No “M” words, sorry. But I think “Clueless” is an excellent movie, and has some fantastic lines/scenarios. My favorite is Brecken Meyer’s “acceptance speech” for the “award” of being late the most times. I think “Clueless” adapts “Emma” very well, and also does a terrific job at bringing it to a modern times without losing any of the essence of the original.

    • Ginna, I love that, acceptance speech, as well as Cher’s oral reports in class that get way off topic! It’s a fun and well-adapted modern version of Emma.

  8. I have never watched the whole movie Clueless, but will try to watch it soon. But your links did not work for me for the wardrobe, etc. It’s funny that I did always hear about “valley girls”, but I have to tell you that I grew up in the “real” valley of California, the Central Valley and we always felt those valley girls were misnamed. But then the rest of California (besides LA and San Francisco) are different worlds from those places, and many of us have wished over the decades that we could secede from them.

    Anyway, Clueless sounds like fun anyway ( forgive her – teehee), and I will try to watch it soon. Always have caught clips of it, but just somehow never have seen the whole thing.

  9. Sorry you couldn’t see the rotating closet, Evelyn. The link is working for me. Yes, there are lots of valleys in California, even in just the LA area. Funny thing, it was always so smoggy that you couldn’t always see the mountains around you that made it a valley. Loved it on clear days, though!

  10. It’s been so long since I’ve seen “Clueless” that I don’t really remember it. I just reserved it at the public library, and of course there’s no wait for it, so I’ll be watching it again soon.

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