Snowbound at Harfield, Chapter 1-Maria Grace


Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam pulled the scarf a little tighter around his neck as howling winds battered the coach.  What madness had seized the weather? Snow was unusual enough, but a storm such as this? Who would have expected it? Certainly … Continue reading →

Not Romantic: Netherfield Ball


The Netherfield ball–how romantic! But perhaps not for everyone, especially Charlotte Lucas… November 26, 1811 The night of the Netherfield Ball, Mama pulled Charlotte aside. “Your gown looks very well indeed.” “I am glad you are pleased, Mama.” “It is … Continue reading →

Netherfield Ball Book Sale


  It’s here! In honour of the anniversary of the Netherfield Ball, we bring you a celebratory seven-day sale! Talking of celebrations, you may have the post-Thanksgiving full tummy so this gives you something else to feast on instead! 😉     … Continue reading →

Darcy on the Hudson – Thanksgiving in the Federal Era by Mary Simonsen

During the Federal Era in America, a time corresponding to the Regency Era in England, the biggest holiday of the year was Thanksgiving. At that time, more Americans lived on farms than in cities, and with the grain harvested, the … Continue reading →

Netherfield in November: Modern Day Balls?


When I think Netherfield, I immediately think, balls! And dancing! (Obviously, I’m not the only one.) One of my favourite things about Austen stories are the balls, especially seeing them played out on the movie screen. There’s not a Pride & … Continue reading →

First Kisses and Thanksgiving Gifts


There are few moments in a new relationship so memorable as that first kiss. *sigh* When I think of the stories I enjoyed reading most, the romantic films I loved best, or the dates from my own past that still … Continue reading →