Chapter Twenty-three: Words, Welfare, and Wickham — 26 Comments

  1. Aargh, Leslie, you just love those endings, don’t you? Now I have to wait a whole week to find out. Are you determined to teach me to be patient? Well, if five kids haven’t managed, I don’t think you will! Seriously, I love all your stories, and this one is very fun with the two Elizabeths. Looking forward to next week, and keep up the good work. Thanks!

  2. Leslie, shame on you, again. One thing for certain, if he killed Lydia at least he will hang. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. Cannot wait until next week for the next cliff hanger….. I mean the next chapter. Love your work.

    • I actually think I may not have too much of a cliffie next week. I need to really go back over that chapter and make sure it’s exactly how I want it though, so you never know 😉 Thanks, Carol!

  3. Argh 😤 Leslie!!!! Not again!!! Seriously!? Ohh no now we have to wait for another week! Darn it, you are really good at tormenting us, your loyal readers 😉😂
    OMG! Is Lydia dead?! Well Alecia have a point if Wickham killed her, he’ll hang, and thank god for that! A nice ending for that miscreant!
    Well at least Ellie weren’t back in 2017 that’s always something! Now what will happen to Elizabeth and Darcy? Will Ellie go back? Goodness a lot of questions could come of this!

    • Who knows if Lydia is dead. I suppose we’ll find out next week. We did wonder if she could be saved or if she was just fated to die an early death. Thanks, Sophia!

  4. Ye Gads, another cliffhanger??? I’m rooting for Lydia’s demise and Wickham’s hanging for kidnapping and murder.

  5. Oh no! It should have been Wickham’s head that hit the floor. Hopefully Lydia is only stunned and they can get her back to the Gardiner’s house where she can recover. Then hopefully they can get Wickham arrested for desertion without giving him a penny. (although a couple more punches wouldn’t go amiss, especially when he’s stupid enough to insult Elizabeth in front of Darcy.) I can’t believe I now have to wait another week and just hope they haven’t had a wasted trip trying to save Lydia only to have her die anyway. What a silly girl she is!
    Oooh Leslie how can you? 😞

    • I’ve used desertion from the militia as a reason to jail him, but it wasn’t done often back then. The militia was not the same as the regular army. You did have some people tried for it, but it wasn’t common. We’ll see though! Thanks, Glynis!

  6. Oh I am so happy to wait another week for your next installment! While I wait, I can work on getting some perfectly shaped ice cubes, wax the driveway or something equally inane like that. What a place to take a break! Just for that, I will point out that you missed an apostrophe in Uncle Gardiners. So there!

  7. great cliffhanger. I hope that Lydia recovers and realizes what a fool she was. Wickham has at least shown is thru colors now to Lydia.
    Maybe he can be sent to Australia or so for his misdeeds.

  8. While I certainly don’t condone violence, I hope that the blow to Lydia’s head was sufficient to knock some sense into her (that’s assuming, of course, that she isn’t actually dead). At least she has finally learned just how despicable Wickham is. Now our intrepid heroes have to figure out how to save Lydia’s reputation (that’s again assuming that the selfish, ignorant, undisciplined child is actually alive).

  9. You, my dear Leslie, are quite cruel to leave us hanging for an entire week! Shame on you!!

    (Okay, I admit–I love doing the same when I’m posting a WIP….)

    Next Wednesday seems such a looooong way away!!

    But I’ll stop my complaining and thank you very much for a most entertaining chapter!! Thank you!!

    Susanne 🙂

    • It’s so easy to leave it there, and I admit that I do enjoy the wailing from miles away 😉 The complaints do let me know without a doubt that y’all are definitely liking everything. Thanks, Susanne!

  10. I was hoping Ellie had some previously undisclosed MMA-type skills and would knock Wickham down. I would love to see Wickham get taken down by a woman.

  11. Cliffhanger for sure: now we worry about whether Lydia is dead or unconscious. Can we not cut up Wickham a bit? There are so many there to hold him down and Lydia won’t protect him.

  12. No, no, no! We can’t have Lydia dead after all this! Unconscious with amnesia when she wakes might work! As for Wickham, since he hurt Lydia why not have Ellie give him a quick knee to bring him down?!!! I think that would make for some interesting conversation. Besides, she can take her frustration out on Wickham after what Greg(?) did to her. My brain is a bit fuzzy at the moment where the name her ex is concerned. Can’t wait for next week! So glad Ellie is not back in 2017…yet!

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