Words from Experience to Youth — 20 Comments

  1. What an interesting pair to be writing to one another, but such enjoyable reading of their letters…I do declare, the elder George Wickham does sound to have mellowed some. Maybe marriage, military service and grandchildren have made a better man of him. Would not Margaret have been surprised by the young man and his slippery ways. I did like that confession. It was equally nice to read Margaret’s thoughts of her betrothed and her upcoming marriage. It was fun to read John’s thoughts on Mr. Wickham’s words. He is a discerning man! 🙂

    Nice job, ladies. I’m happy you stumbled upon this treasure trove of correspondence.

    • Throughout his papers, GW never fails to surprise – often in what would seem to be his most typically “Wickham” moments! It seems his correspondence with Margaret was a source of great delight and it offers a wonderful glimpse into his occasionally chaotic, always happy home life.

  2. Such an intriguing mash-up. Who would have thought that Miss Margaret Hale, even the Margaret Hale just before her wedding to Mr. Thornton, would find friendship and solace in this communication with George Wickham, of all people!! Well, at least he is still with Lydia and writes of her with amusement (and not a little irony, methinks).

    Thank you for this wonderful correspondence, ladies!! What a brilliant mash-up!! 😀

    Susanne 🙂

    • We were just as surprised as you, Susanne. However, it seems that Mr Wickham had mellowed with age, and Miss Hale had only just learned to grant others- gentlemen, in particular- a certain measure of grace. I think you will enjoy their later correspondence. Confessions, trials, and the escapades of scented pillows await!

  3. Now that was just delightful! The somewhat humbler wiser Wickham expounding on all manner of things! It must have warmed his heart to know that such a fine young lady looked up to him and wished for her husband-to-be to know him. I must say the revelations of Mrs. Wickham’s decor and fashion were fascinating. She certainly embraced all the new trends with flourish.

    I look forward to reading any further correspondence they engaged in. This is definitely showing a new side to our once slippery fellow! Yes, I would have to agree with Mrs. King regarding the officer and his bulldog! Such a sense of humour from Mr. Wickham!

  4. What a sedate correspondence from Wickham. Beautifully done. Lydia has not changed, what a mishmash of decor in the house. I love Margaret’s descriptions of John. I would love to be a fly on the wall when Wickham and Thornton converse. Brava ladies.

  5. Oh my word! That’s a mashup that would never have occurred to me in a million years! Having recently re-watched North and South, and then last Sunday seeing the archetypal GW in the flesh, so to speak, having been in the presence of Catherine AND Mr. Lukis, I can just imagine all of this actually happening! Daniela Denby-Ashe portraying Margaret Hale as she was in N&S and Mr. Lukis as he is now portraying GW. What a picture to conjure with.

    Thanks so much Catherine and Nicole. It brought more than one smile to my face this morning, during my catchup session. Looking forward to reading more!

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