Words from Experience to Youth: Part Four — 4 Comments

  1. I apologize for my delay in responding. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but…I am completely won over by Mr. Wickham’s charming letters and his fragrant wife, Mrs. Wickham! Now it is written for posterity too! His charming letters to Mrs. Margaret Thornton have brought a smile and a good chuckle to my day…as have hers! I love the line ” I confess that many’s the occasion on which I have professed a great and sometimes rather theatrical cry of enthusiasm at her latest efforts when presented with a lace piece that might have been woven by a spider who had been swimming knee deep in brandy.”

    I just realized that this is Part Four…I do hope we may have further correspondence to come. I am still curious over the rest of the families feelings regarding the Wickhams (Darcy’s Bingleys, etc.). Does he correspond with them or visit?

    Thank you for these wonderful posts!

  2. Thank you for “uncovering” this correspondence ladies. It takes a stretch of the imagination to imagination George Wickham as a respectable elderly gentleman, still married to Lydia, but you’re doing it so well! I too, love the quote that Carole has mentioned, regarding Lydia’s handiwork! Right now, I’m trying to envisage the meeting between Lydia Wickham and Hannah Thornton when the Wickhams arrive in Milton!

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