WIP Chapter 6 — 9 Comments

  1. Well I would say Darcy is already a bit smitten and if Elizabeth thought about it I think she would find he affected her more than Bingley does. More please.

  2. I also say smitten. But I wonder if her opinion of him has improved any. Now when Jane comes along with her bow, will Bingley still be smitten? That is the question. At least Elizabeth has no feelings of love towards Bingley, so that’s good. Looking forward to the rest of your chapters this month.

  3. I love how his chapter ended: 1) Darcy gives an indication of interest that Elizabeth naturally does not see, and 2) Elizabeth’s playfulness and impertinence come out as she realizes she enjoyed vexing him. It was nice to be rewarded with a Darcy and Elizabeth scene. I look forward to the other 3 chapters this month!

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