WIP – Chapter 5 — 12 Comments

  1. Well, I say Where is Jane when another sister is needed. I can’t wait for Bingley to meet her. I wonder if her heart is truly taken by her beau in the north and if Mr. Bingley will notice her as he did in canon. If so then what. Darcy and Lizzy have a strange kind of attraction at this point but since they never really converse, they or rather she has no idea what he is like, other than Mr. Scowling Face. Great fun this little tale. Looking forward to more.

  2. I am very much enjoying this story. Everyone is acting in character to this new situation. Bingley is pleased with everything and everyone, Darcy and Miss Bingley are their disapproving selves, and Elizabeth is not sure of her heart. I look forward to seeing how the return of Jane will affect this situation.

  3. Such a wonderful twist on P&P; I am quite enjoying Darcy trying to quash his attraction to Elizabeth because of his friend. Just wait until Jane comes on the scene, though; I’m sure that Bingley will drop Elizabeth, kindly of course, but what is Elizabeth to “an angel”? 😉

    Thank you so much for sharing this glimpse into your WIP with us, Kara!! I can’t wait to see what happens next!! 😀

    Susanne 🙂

  4. I imagine Jane’s return will shake things up. I have never read a “what if” like this, and I am really enjoying its development. I like that everyone is proving true to the characters as originally written, just in a different situation. I’m looking forward to purchasing the final product.

  5. Enjoying this story, still knowing at some point Bingley is going to realize that Elizabeth is not for him. As soon as he sees Jane, yes, but he has to realize that Elizabeth’s wit and impertinent behavior is beyond him. Caroline and Darcy are true to character for sure – displeased with everything and everyone. I’m glad Elizabeth is dragging her feet against her mother’s wishes. Darcy deserves to ache just a bit with his a bit too late realizations about Elizabeth.

  6. Oh what a tangled web you are weaving Kara! I can only imagine what torture you have in store for all the characters and us! If Darcy is fighting his feelings for Elizabeth, and Jane shows up with her ‘Mr. Marshall’, I can only imagine Mr. Bingley as being shell-shocked with her beauty and how does he extricate himself from the attention he has been giving Elizabeth! We know her heart is not truly ‘touched’ but it can’t be easy. I don’t want to rush the rest of August and September away, but looking forward to this one! Love it!

  7. I’m likening this “what if “story, very much, and I’m truly happy for it’s going to be post twice a month

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