What Would Jane’s Characters Give Her for Christmas? Part 1 — 19 Comments

  1. Love them all! Looking forward to Part 2. Will Sir Walter Elliot’s gift be a looking glass. Surely he can spare one? Though Elizabeth Elliot may not be able to spare any marzipan!!!

  2. When I stop laughing, I might have some things to add.

    Mrs. Bennet- lace to trim her gown
    Mr. Bennet- a fortnight visit from his wife (he will suffer through the silence left behind)
    Col. Fitzwilliam- a bottle of Darcy’s best port to have on hand when Miss Austen’s brothers visit

    Tom- a deck of playing cards and a bet on a horse race
    Susan- roses from her Aunt Bertram’s garden
    Maria- a letter begging for Miss Austen to kill off her Aunt Norris so she can go home

    Colonel Brandon- a copy of Shakespeare’s poems and a sheet of music
    Margaret and Mrs. Dashwood- a basket of fruit
    Lady Middleton- drawings of her dear children

  3. I love it and with Sophia Rose’s additions I’m ROTFL. Sorry, but I’m not clever enough to add anything else. Thank you for such fun!

  4. From Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner – a box of thank you notes with the first one filled out, “Dear Miss Austen, Thank you so much for making our characters fashionable and exemplary of polite society, making our Lizzy quite proud and Mr. Darcy quite willing to count us amongst his closest acquaintances.”

  5. Delightful, entertaining, funny!

    I agree with Anji…. one of Mr. Elliot’s many looking glasses and some of Elizabeth’s marzipan…also some of her ice parfait’s (since it’s winter and the ice is now plentiful). Charles Musgrove could part with one of his hunting dogs for a companion to Miss Austen and perhaps a rifle for her brothers. The Admiral could give her his modest equipage as he is always overturning it anyway. Sophie could send her a seat-belt!

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