Austen at the Seaside: What the Sea Meant to Jane — 19 Comments

    • So glad you enjoyed it, Monica – I did a lot of “seaside” research for a talk a few years ago, so it was fun to summon it back up!

  1. Interesting! Having only been to Bath and Brighton on day trips, I enjoyed them very much, but being there in the 1800’s vs. the 21st Century must be huge.

    • Bath and Brighton still have enough 18th century feeling about them that you can imagine the past very well on a visit. But what would such resorts have been like without the automobile…electricity…vastly fewer people? Must have been so beautiful then. Thanks for the comment, Kristine.

  2. I have a copy of Sanditon, which was completed “by another lady”, and also appreciate the description of Charlotte at her window. I do wonder if Lydia B gave the sea a glance at all when she reached Brighton.

  3. Beautiful post. I loved all of the JA history. Thanks so much for putting this one together. Jen Red

  4. I did not know we nearly lost Jane from typhus…and wonder how this serious illness might have had long term effects into adulthood considering how young she died…The British Medical Journal had an interesting article speculating she died as a result of Addisons Disease but I believe this is /
    still debateable. I found your article very interesting. Stella

    • Yes, it’s true about the typhus, and Mrs. Cooper dying. I believe it’s still not definitively known what eventually killed Jane Austen. Addison’s disease is a possibility, but I’ve heard of speculation about various kinds of TB. She seems to have had normal health and energy in adulthood, until she contracted her final illness, but it would be interesting to find out if there have been studies about long-term aftereffects from typhus, wouldn’t it? So glad you enjoyed this, Stella.

  5. Yes, a wonderful way to greet this first day of summer. Thank you, Diana!

    I would love to be heading to the seashore today when temperatures are to soar well above 100 inland today in Southern California. 😉

    • Hi Susanne, thanks for commenting! Well, I’m in Santa Monica by the beach, and it’s still pretty darned hot! Take care and keep cool.

  6. I loved all this background on Jane Austen. Thank you so,much. I am only 25 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, but find it bothersome to gobtobthe overcrowded beaches. I have never been seaside in England, but am hoping to get there one day.

    • Well, you’re on the same ocean as England, Deborah! I’m in California, and the Pacific seems so different somehow. Don’t know why but it does. Some of the old English seaside towns still have their promenades and piers, similar enough to Jane Austen’s day that you can imagine it. Really lovely for a holiday. Thanks for commenting…

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