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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey into writing. I look forward to more of your posts and to reading more of your publications. Looking forward to your next book as well as more of your art work, too. 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked my intro. I love to write, but writing about myself is an entirely different story. I’m proof-reading/editing before I send off some chapters to the grammar beta, so the “newbie” is coming. When my bio goes up, there will be a short blurb-not that I ever give too much away! I plan on posting a sneak peak soon!
      Thanks, Deborah!

    • Hah! Nice pun! We took a trip to Kent last September and went to Deal, Ramsgate, and Dover, where we all took a picture with the cliffs in the background. I do look forward to going to Ireland while we’re here, though. I have family there I haven’t seen since I was a child.
      Thanks, Diana!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed R&R! I have An Unwavering Trust on the way–hopefully soon! I just have to get through the editing. Thanks Patty!

  2. Good morning Leslie, welcome to the Austen variations group, I’m happy you got your dream come truth, I wish I have you courage for doing you writing with friend’s help. Congratulation for your book getting publisher.

  3. So many of us have such similar stories! We are delighted to you have joined our blog! We hope you will feel most welcomed!

  4. Welcome. I only just very recently read Rain and Retribution and I see one other book, A Matter of Chance, on Amazon. I look forward to reading more from you. Love the cliffs photo and recognize them from movies, etc.

  5. So far, Rain and Retribution and A Matter of Chance are my only published work. I am planning to release my next, An Unwavering Trust as soon as I get it through the betas! The cliffs are really pretty. We were so tired that day and our feet were sore–3 castles and the cliffs is a lot for one day! I’m just glad it wasn’t a long hike to the lookout!
    Thanks Sheila!

  6. I read Rain and Retribution in 2013 and again in 2014. Yes, I do keep track of the books I read, and when I read them. Not many get a second read. I am pleased that you are being acknowledged for your writing. You deserve it. I was not aware of A Matter of Chance. I’m off to Amazon to buy it now.

  7. Welcome Leslie, The authors at Austen Variations are the best and so generous with their stories and their time. I have read your Rain and Retributhion and look forward to “WIP” here.

  8. Congratulations!!! Leslie, this is a wonderful privilege and acknowledgement of your skill. I, personally, enjoyed the fact that you went on a reading frenzy when you first found JAFF. Me too! In fact, I’m still frenzied, I believe. Please accept my best wishes and I look forward to reading your future posts.

    • My reading frenzy gets forced to the side some when I’m writing, but I do read a lot. I hardly watch television anymore because I’d rather read. Thanks so much, Joy!

  9. Welcome to this fabulous group of writers. A Matter of Chance and Rain and Retribution are on my TBR shelf. Going in ABC order by authors, but will get there.

    • Hmmm…depending upon whether you’ve organized by first or last names that could put me either near the middle or not too far from the top. I hope you enjoy both of them!
      Thanks, Carol!

  10. R&R will always be a favorite of mine — there is something about the begining that is simply addictive.


      • I totally agree with RMorrel’s comment about the first part of R &R being addictive. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read it!

        Welcome to this wonderful site we readers enjoy so much, and I dare say we readers are pretty spoiled by the wonderful work we are able to read here!! Thank you!

    • I’ve tried to jump in with both feet. I’m glad I’ve been able to pitch in so much so far. I’m having a great time with it. Thanks, Shannon!

  11. So happy you are going to be joining this wonderful group of authors! As you know, I loved A Matter of Chance. Enjoy your travels too!

    • I believe you’ve mentioned it, Carol, but it’s always great to hear. There’s always a bit of me in my novels (it can’t help but sneak in), but AMoC has more than the Regency books. Thanks, Carol!

  12. Congratulations on joining Austen Variations! It’s funny how everyone starts off discovering JAFF and reading anything and everything in sight! I have read your works on the fan fiction sites, and looking forward to reading more.

    • We do become an addict quickly, don’t we? I had to search out the forums because I was going through my book budget in one order and reading those within a few days. I prefer actual books, but due to moving and space, thank goodness for e-readers too!

  13. It’s difficult to express how excited I was when I heard you’d joined a group of quality authors like yourself. But here goes: I didn’t need Depends, but it came close!

    This new relationship will be mutually beneficial, and as pleased as AV was when they made the announcement, it will be nothing compared to their pride when they see you continue to succeed and grow with the supports, tools, and backing they’re able to offer. Congratulations. You’d be my first pick, too!

  14. Dear Leslie, Rain and Retribution was the first Fan Fiction novel I read and bought and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve also read and own A Matter of Chance, another delightful story. Any more in the pipeline?

    • I’ve only heard that once before (I apologize if it was you because I don’t remember the name of the person who told me that!), but that is such a compliment to have one of my novels be the first JAFF. Thank you so much!
      Oh! There’s one trying to make it’s way through the end of the pipeline now. An Unwavering Trust has just a bit longer before I start prepping it for publication. My first beta is completely done, My second is on the last three chapters (then the short epilogue), and the next is about half-way. The grammar beta is on chapters 6-9, but she’s a whiz and turns them over in record time.
      I do apologize to everyone for the long wait on this one. My last semester of school made it impossible to write, and then I had to prep for the move and actually move. I began one book before we packed up and then swapped to this one. I’m going back and picking up the first story now. I have an entire nest of plot bunnies and they multiply like…well rabbits. It’s just finding the time to write them.
      Thanks Debra!

  15. Welcome! I have Rain and Retribution sitting on my shelf. Loved it. And Matter of Chance is in my TBR. Will be fun to hear more from you.

  16. Hi Leslie, glad to see you here!

    My mum’s name is Lesley, and her dad was Leslie so I am very fond of that name 🙂 I’ve read your work on AHA but not the published versions so far. Your work stands out in my mind for, amongst other things, wonderful kids and pets and an obscenely obnoxious Georgiana! I hope I can get to the published versions soon. All the best.

    • There are some differences in the published work to what’s posted on AHA. Georgiana is still obnoxious though! Thanks, Ceri!

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