Chapter Twenty-six: Weddings, Weather, and Windows — 30 Comments

  1. Ah, the wedding happened! I was hoping that somehow Ellie, Elizabeth and Darcy would all somehow be transported to the future so they could make sure things turned out well for Lydia. Oh, well, maybe Darcy is just too much a man of his own time, eh? It would have been fun to see what he would think of the future though. Thanks!

    • That would’ve really complicated things, unfortunately. A part of me wanted Tom to travel back with them to help with Lydia, but how to explain why he could suddenly go back when it at one point was a body swap. It’s all in good fun, but as much as I wanted everyone to go back and forth, I had to keep it limited. Thanks, Alecia!!!

  2. Ahhhh the wedding was lovely! ❤️❤️❤️ Now Ellie is falling out the window?!?! I agree with Alecia it would have been fun seeing Elizabeth and Darcy together in the future together with Tom and Ellie… I guess that won’t happen *sigh*
    Amazing that Elizabeth and Darcy got the pattern and none of us have figured that out while reading 📖
    Will Ellie end up in Tom’s arms? Or in her apartment in London? I vote for Tom’s arms! But Leslie seriously what a cliff hanger again oh so not cool! Hurry with the next chapter! I’m dying to see what happens to Ellie!

    • LOL! Y’all were due one last cliffie 😉 We’ll find out where she ends up pretty quickly in the next chapter. The pattern was fun to play with. I just loved having her in the window thinking they were crazy and finally falling out by accident. It was a hoot to write 🙂 Thanks, Sophia!

  3. Just so Lydia doesn’t somehow end up in 2017. Lord knows we don’t need another pole dancer or a “lost” Kardashian popping up! LOL!

  4. I can rather see my fragrant Lydia and I as celebrities in your modern age; “the day to day adventures of a rogue and his lady”; think of the patrons who would flock to fund us!

  5. So, Lizzie would like to have a portrait of Ellie … Perhaps she can do a drawing of Ellie’s (they were so accomplish ) and Tom would find it and be some kind of obsessed with the mysterious friend of Elisabeth Darcy… from whom exist so few information…
    In this chapter I started to wonder about Kitty, always in the shadow of Lidia… one can guess that in a short period of time Jane will marry Bingley, but the remain sisters will keep on living together , after Lidia’s adventure and Kitty finally understood that Lidia’s behaviour is harmful . It might be interesting…
    Looking forward for the next chapter

    • We’ll see what Lizzy can manage on the portrait note. It would be interesting to figure out what happened with Kitty. I’ll have to think about it. Thanks so much, Carla!

  6. At last! Sorry I’m late reading this but I had to go and babysit one of my twin grandsons while their mummy took his brother for a check up at the hospital. Still it was worth the wait – married at last! Sigh! It’s lucky Ellie was there to keep Lydia under control and I’m so happy that she got to see the wedding.
    I’m impressed that Darcy and Elizabeth worked out what Ellie needed to do to go back to the future (familiar title or what!)
    I really hope she goes back to Tom and he remembers it all, although as Elizabeth said Ellie would have to get back together with him and maybe he would be looking for her due to a secret mention in Elizabeth’s journal???
    I hope we get to learn a little more of Darcy and Elizabeth AND of Ellie and Tom. I have loved every moment of this Leslie and am only sorry that there are only a couple of weeks left.
    Many many thanks to you and to Caitlin who was there at the start and has apparently helped since 😊

    • I hope your grandson is okay! I love the weekly comments, but I would certainly understand if you didn’t under the circumstances. We’ll get a lot of answers next week. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the story so much! Thanks, Glynis!

      • Thank you Leslie. It was just a check because they were 10 weeks premature and they didn’t know if one had a problem but all ok and he just has to go in 12 months just to confirm (they obviously haven’t seen him pinching food off his brother’s tray 😂)

  7. Well, Ellie did finally fall, even if she didn’t take a leap of faith. A stumble of faith, perhaps? 😉

    I’m glad that Kitty is learning to be sensible, and I hope (likely in vain) that Lydia will stop being a spoiled brat and occasionally use the brain God has given her.

    We know that Lizzy and Darcy will be ecstatically happy, but Lydia’s future still seems rather in the dark…I guess Tom will fill in the blanks.

    Next Wednesday seems like a terribly long way away…. 😉

    Thank you, Leslie, for another wonderful chapter!! 😀

    Susanne 🙂

    • We will definitely find out about Lydia’s future. Ellie already knows Elizabeth’s for the most part, so she’ll obviously be pretty curious. Thanks so much, Susanne!

  8. Oh that was just perfect…the wedding that is and Lydia being intimidated by Ellie! Mind you, now Ellie has helped save Lydia and Kitty!

    Oh I was holding my breath on that window sill scene! Let’s hope Tom is with Mildred…driving!

  9. Finally, ODC are married. Ellie stumbled out the window and hopefully lands back with Tom in 2017. Or the headlights belong to Mildred and she can drive back to present day Pemberley and Tom. Another great cliffhanger.

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