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  1. Personally I think these are all great ideas but my favorites are the ones that involve writing. Long stories, short stories, I love them all. I feel like if anything you could skip the author chats and interviews since you all are so wonderful at interacting with us in the FB group. If skipping formal interviews/chats means more projects like P&P 200 and The Darcy Brother that would be my vote.

  2. I love it all! It’s really great that you busy authors take time to answer us both here and on the FB group.

    I didn’t choose a favourite in the poll. There’s so much goodness on offer that it’s impossible to choose. Please keep up the good work.

  3. Anji, thank you for your kind words! We love the interaction, too, as well as all the positive energy we’ve been having here and on Facebook.

  4. I had a problem with the voting of two favs. Wouldn’t let me put my two favs it only would register no favs. Anyone else have a problem.

  5. Whichever category above that includes new release announcements – and perhaps a spot where can readers discuss whar we’ve read lately.

  6. I love the stories…readers’s choice, large writer projects, short stories, works in progress….all of them! I too couldnt vote for my 2 favs.
    All told, I have been enjoying this site. Thank you.

  7. It was tough choosing just 7 of my favourite things…reminds me of the ‘Sound of Music’! I’ll have that song stuck in my head now! I love the large writing projects, especially P&P 200 and the Reader’s Choice. Actually, I love all the writing projects. I too like the idea of discussions on books we are currently reading. I love the history research you do for your books and would love to see more on the fashion of the times. Did you see the lovely dresses at the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics?!

    • I totally agree with Carole’s comments above. Too many wonderful things on this site to choose just one, but I do really love the Readers Choice and P&P200 and would love to do a group read. And all the research topics are fascinating and have improved my knowledge and understanding of a period in time that I never appreciated before reading Jane Austen. Your research enhances all the little things surrounding the stories.

  8. I have more than 7 favourite posts I like about Austen Variations. Can’t we choose more than that? My favourite is Reader’s Choice stories as we get to influence the direction the story will take.

    I can’t say I am fond of the large writing project as I did miss some of the stories when it was first posted. Then I kept postponing until I forgotten which ones that I missed. Another reason I can think of is the duration was too long and we don’t know when they will be posted. For Reader’s Choice and serials, you have set aside a day for it.

    I know I may be a bit selfish but please keep the giveaways. As I run my own blog, I know readers like to lurk and read blog posts but don’t comment on them. If you don’t offer something, no one will bother checking out a blog. It also serves as a form of encouragement. Of course it is an entirely different thing for group blog run by authors because you have fans to follow you online. Just saying.

    • Thanks for your feedback. We’re working on ways to make the larger reading projects here easier to follow, but they’re also designed so there is no need to read every segment since they’re based on the original book by Austen. One of my favorite things about P&P200 was that I could dip into it at any point rather than having to read it from beginning to end.

  9. I love it all! I especially like the writing projects and the Reader’s choice. I have found a website that I check religiously, including the comments, every day. Thanks for providing this addict an entertainment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I took a look around the site, and I gather that this is the continuation of Austen Authors. My thought is that the depth for this site is to have many Austen related stories, so my voting was towards that.

    I have written an Austen Sequel as well, and have another WIP through first draft. I know that it has its own challenges and that a place to talk about them and share is a great idea, as well as a great way to connect with those who enjoy reading the what happened after Jane finished writing to all our favorite characters.

    Perhaps a Forums page to start all these thread ideas in one place as well might work. Those threads that become well followed might suggest themselves to full page status at some point.

    • Thanks for your comments, David. Austen inspired fiction does indeed have its own challenges! This site is a new one with a new vision, not a continuation of Austen Authors, though many former Austen Authors have joined this venture. Although the roster may look similar, I think you’ll find the structure and energy are very different, with significantly more focus on fiction writing and interaction with our readers.

  11. I love all the writing projects. I like reading about the research that goes into the stories as well. This site is wonderful and I was hard pressed to only pick seven things I like. I would enjoy a group read though, sounds like fun.

  12. I love the Readers Choice, especially if the less obvious choice wins the vote. I also like the sharing of research, because I always liked doing it for college projects. I’m not as crazy about the serialization (although I feel compelled to read them-curiosity) because then I have to decide which I want to buy when published. I think it might be fun to have a read and comment session to discuss a work of a current author. I also like the idea of a new publications list.

    • I’m often taken by surprise at which choice wins in The Darcy Brothers. Several times I thought one option was a sure thing, only to have it left in the dust, but I guess writers see these things differently! Thanks for your thoughts.

  13. My favourites are – the readers choice stories like the The Darcy Brothers – Old posts which I know I have missed – New projects like Maria Graceโ€™s Wholly Unconnected to Me – also like reading extracts of old and new works so I can determine which books to buy

  14. I love this new site and I love that you’re inviting so much feedback to really make it a wonderful community. Thanks so much!

  15. I am new at this. Following P&P authors, blogs and others is absolutely new to me and I have enjoyed myself immensely. I have read most P&p fan fiction published in the last three years and I have to admit that I am quite envious of you, authors. Having such a vivid imagination that you can spur novels from the original with just a flick of pen is beyond me. To also have the talent to put your imagination into words, the words into novel and to do so time and over raises you to the level of goddess. So I want to read as much as I can, anything you wish to write.

    In your survey, I have answered that I don’t care so much for interviews because there is only so much time in a day. So please write. Write chapter novels, novellas or short stories. Write about your choices of writing. Write about these three ideas, Abigail, that you had to drop after 9,000 words (Oh! What one would do to write 9,000 words of a novel! :-)). Please go on writing so we can do the reading!

    I am so happy i found you, ladies!

    • So glad you found us, Lynn. We couldn’t do it without readers like you! And we’ll definitely keep writing. That was the main reason we wanted to start this site, so we could focus more on sharing our writing with our readers.

  16. for selfish reasons, I love reading the stories the authors share – that was what drew me to the original website I think, and I do love the authors posts on how they find historical facts and info while researching their books. I also love giveaways, for selfish reasons too of course! I believe the reason we are here, readers and writers is because we love books and love to read!

  17. Thanks for soliciting the opinion of all. I honestly had a hard time responding because I’m open to most of the things on the list of choices. I don’t have a full grasp of how much effort must be put forth to post various things and I know some take more time and effort than others so in a way I feel that my opinion on some of that might be naive.

    But, that being said, it was nice to share my preferences.

  18. I really do like it all, but have been much influenced by the authors short stories and additions to a progressive story. It made me want to read other books/stories by the author. So much to read and never enough time!!

  19. Hello everyone! Well, as you all know I am a confirmed, card-carrying, completely unrepentant JAFFaholic! Little did I know years ago when I started keeping a list of all the stories I was reading that it would one day have more than 600 listed and another 300+ to be read. Tired of them yet? Getting bored with D&E and F&A (Frederick and Anne for you P&P purists lol) ? NO WAY – bring ’em on! It is fascinating how I still pick up stories that have a twist that is new! You are ALL geniuses!

    For those coming new to the JA-related writings world, it could help if each author had a list of the stories they have already published with a quick blurb about the story and esp. (as in Abigail lol) any alternate titles the story may have been published with as well as links to any of the vignettes you have issued for the story. It helps give them a direction for obtaining kindles and hardcopies and lets us ‘old’ hands make sure we haven’t missed anything!. You know, of course, that is the ultimate paranoia for us addicts – that we missed something you published .. augh, gives me the shakes to even mention it .. lol

  20. Authors,
    It was difficult just to choose 7. I kept going back and forth on several of them.

    I love the readers choice. It is amazing to read how y’all take our choices and weave such wonderful chapters. Not to even mention that you all make each chapter move so seamless into each other.

    I also greatly enjoy reading y’all’s responses. These build a bridge between writer and reader. Which , odd as it seems, smokes a bond.

    Short stories, wips, vignettes , excepts , all are read and appreciated.

    I just wish I had more time, more thought process ( after working ) to participate more .

    Keep up the good work. We have your back!

    • Hi, Carol! So glad you’ve been enjoying our Reader’s Choice story. I don’t think there’s anything like it on the net. I enjoyed writing a chapter this week. It’ll be live tomorrow and I’ll be interacting with readers all day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  21. Me too! I had a hard time choosing. I think I really do like all of those options and having that variety, but have to lean towards the stories, and pieces of stories. It’s been interesting responding to your questions about how a particular story should go and seeing you go through the writing/creative process. I have not done a group read (online) before but I think that would be interesting as well.

    • I was at the author end of a group read for the first time last year. Meredith at Austenesque Reviews organized a group read of Mr. Darcy’s Noble Connections. It was great fun to hear in detail what readers were thinking, and I shared with them some substantial out-takes from the book. Of course, if they’d all hated it, it wouldn’t have been very much fun at all, but I was fortunate. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. First, thank you for asking for our feedback! Second, it was very difficult to pick favorites – I like virtually everything you post. But if compelled to choose, I would have to say my favorite is any kind of writing – excerpts from your books, short stories, vignettes – as well as discussions on these writings. I also love the stories and pictures of visits to the Jane Austen Festival and announcements of these events – I would love to go, but haven’t been able to, so I devour these pieces. I would also love to attend a live author event and meet all of you – how exciting! I am loving the Readers’ Choice on the Darcy Brothers – excellent writing, and I think the writing flows more smoothly and logically than did parts of The Bennet Brother. So there you have it – and no matter what you decide, I’m sure I speak for many others when I say we will love and appreciate whatever you do.

    • The Bennet Brother story was the first Reader’s Choice piece that we did. We learned a lot from the experience and I think it has showed in some changes in the way we’re handling The Darcy Brothers. I’m glad you’ve been able to notice too. Thanks Sheryl, we really appreciate and need your feedback.

  23. I’m a big fan of reader’s choice!! Thanks for polling the readers shows that you guys really do want to keep this community engaged.

    • We’ve been learning a lot from this poll. We really want our readers to be engaged, because it’s the exchange of ideas and energy that’s most important to us. We can drone on about what we’re interested in for hours, but what’s the point if it’s not interesting to you? Thanks for participating!

  24. Had I been able to vote on everything I would have ๐Ÿ™‚ I had almost everything ticked on the form until I saw you could only do 7 ๐Ÿ™ But my favorites are the readers choice chapters like The Darcy Brothers as well as the personal stories that your authors give about their trips and experiences! Everything about this site I love ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I enjoy readers choice but I really appreciate samples of new or in progress works. Having a sneak peek at the upcoming releases is wonderful.

    I also enjoy reading about Regency styles, customs and more. For modern people, especially Americans the formal manners and societal requirements can be overwhelming.

  26. I will restate here what I put in the box tor voting for my favourite – I loved P&P 200 and that sort of thing – including of course Theo’s story. Those won my heart, but the historical research won my head. It answered questions I’d had for years and told me of things I’d never imagined. So fascinating! The Author events & interviews tend to be the least exciting posts for me. The stories and historical research expand my universe; I’m very grateful, yet I lust for more.

  27. I, too, am fairly new to all this as I only discovered Austenauthors in January of this year. Find I am spending too much time here…LOL I don’t read everything written in the JAFF. But on this site I am discovering authors and books of which I was not familiar. So I now have a “wish list”. But I do read other genres and they are being neglected. I really like reading the Reader’s Choice chapters and the WIP, as not only does it give me a look at another book coming up that I MUST buy and read but also I like all the ideas thrown around by the authors and readers. It’s an education in itself and broadens my thinking. But it also makes me wish I could meet all these people, both readers and authors.

  28. A page announcing new releases would be very good. I’m always relying on Amazon to know which new books will come out, and it would be easier if we had that info here.

  29. I found something new on Amazon…pull up the author’s name, then look to the right column. There is a place on which you click to be notified of new releases by that author. I have signed up on about 10 authors’ sites as I want to be notified a.s.a.p. on new releases, especially as some are the third in a series and I am anxious to read the ending. While others are simply my favorites and I grab anything they write immediately!

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