Chapter Twenty-five: Mothers! — 24 Comments

  1. *laughs delighted* oh Leslie I think this is my new favourite chapter! Well done to Ellie for giving Mrs Bennet such a put down! 😂😂😂😂😂 Please let Ellie stay for the wedding 👰
    I laughed so at the little talk between Darcy and Ellie, though I would have loved to hear how Tom and he differs 😉
    After the wedding I’ll be pleased to get Ellie back to Tom I hope? *applauding loudly* 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • I’m so glad! I debated constantly about whether or not it was the way to go with this chapter. I just couldn’t imagine Ellie tolerating Mrs Bennet’s attitude towards Elizabeth. I’m glad you liked the conversation between Darcy and Ellie. That was what kept the chapter the way it is. Thanks, Sophia!

  2. Oh fabulous! Last week Ellie punished Wickham and this week she took Mrs Bennet to task. Brilliant! I do hope she gets to stay for the wedding. Then yes she deserves her happy ending with Tom. (I know this is from her perspective but would still like some married bliss for both couples!)
    I do wonder if there will now be any mention of these events in Lizzy ‘s journals?
    Thank you so much Leslie for making Wednesdays so special 😊
    Oooh and I cant wait to hear how Ellie describes Tom to Fitzwilliam 😉

  3. I also loved that someone, even if in a way forbidden in that time, told Mrs. Bennet off. Lovely that Darcy paid due to Ellie in his way and I also like that he thinks about his future descendent. Looking forward to the wedding…sigh! Thanks for this chapter

  4. Ha! I think Mrs. Bennet was shocked and didn’t notice the “Sod it” that Ellie used! But Mrs. Bennet shouldn’t be airing her thoughts either on her feelings about Lizzy! Can’t wait for the wedding and I found it so endearing that she didn’t want to compare Tom and Darcy…Please let her stay for the wedding…

  5. Kudos to Ellie for saying all those things to Mrs Bennet! She deserved to hear that and much more. Unfortunately, as Elizabeth said, she won’t change and will keep doing the same. But at least Elizabeth will be at Pemberley with her Mr Darcy. 😉

  6. Ellie should be allowed to stay for the wedding. If she were to vanish as you asked earlier that would most certainly have to be explained by Darcy and Elizabeth, how could that be done?

  7. Good for Mr. Darcy!! Once he is married to Elizabeth, he’ll have the authority to put Mrs. Bennet in her place. I don’t blame Ellie for speaking up; there is only so much one can take, and poor Elizabeth has been taking it her entire life!!

    Thank you for a wonderful chapter, and I can’t wait for the wedding and how/when Ellie will return to Tom!!

    Susanne 🙂

  8. Superwoman Ellie. Takes on wicked Wickham and puts Mrs. Bennet in her place all for Elizabeth and Darcy. How a woman could be so foolish and silly is truly amazing. Somehow all the hints to her overwhelming faults go right over her head. Well soon, Elizabeth will be under Darcy’s protection and he can set her straight, because he’s not going to let her mother treat her like she does. I think Ellie’s set down was hysterical. Mrs. Bennet is so dense that even more non-Regency words could have been thrown into the mix and she’d never notice. Thanks for this chapter.

  9. My hope is that, as a reward for kicking Mrs Bennet in the patoot (I was going to say ‘in the fanny’, but that was too bad a pun even for me!), Ellie gets back to Tom for their second chance. I think she can go back immediately after the breakfast. She should at least be able to hear the ‘I do(s)’!!
    A good chapter, Leslie! Don’t get too excited by the light at the end of the tunnel!

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