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  1. I imagine Mr Bennet would hide in his library with a good book and a glass of port. Mr Wickham would get as much free drink as he could and try to seduce a few women.
    As for Mr Darcy it would depend if he had managed to win Elizabeth, if he hadn’t I can see him alone in his study, lonely and thinking of how different his life could be with her. But if he had managed to marry her she would enjoy the celebrations and if course he would indulge her (and keep away any predators!)
    I don’t like to think of how Lydia and Kitty would celebrate as there would definitely be some improprieties involved (at least with Lydia!)
    Thank you for this post and the recipes (unfortunately I don’t have a big enough oven to make any of them 😉.
    Unless Amazon US have changed their recent policy about allowing downloads to the UK I will have to pass on the giveaway😥.

  2. You know… it is a wonder people didn’t die from food-poisoning. Oh yeah… they did. Man those recipes were something… whisk it well for and hour or two…OMG!

    I agree with Glynis on many of her choices.

    Lydia, Kitty and Mrs. Bennet would hit the punch bowl and imbibe too much. Mr. Bennet would be in the library with his port and a book ignoring everyone. Mary would be on the sidelines aghast at the antics of the revelers. Or ignoring everyone and reading.

    Lizzy would be trying to rein in her mother and younger sisters. Damage control! Mr. Collins would be trailing after Lizzy hoping to propose before the end of twelfth-night. I know Lizzy would love to find the library; however, I think she would feel the need to keep down a scandal with her sisters and mother.

    Mr. Bingley and Jane would be together. Charlotte would be watching everything and understanding completely what needed to be done to secure her future. Lady Catherine would be at Rosings stewing over how she could manage her nephew into doing his duty. Darcy would be watching Lizzy from the sidelines or in the library with Mr. Bennet.

    Wickham would be in a closet with someone doing what he does best. Hopefully, it isn’t with Lydia… although, it is probable. Let’s hope he didn’t grab Mrs. Bennet instead… those masks can be confusing. She was a beauty you know. Now that would be a scandal. OMG! Where did that come from? You know, Mr. Bennet joked in the beginning of P&P that they might like her best… she was a beauty.

  3. “…whisk it well for an hour or two” ummmmmm man am I glad for my Viking! LOL I love to bake but I think I would have given it up if that was the case. Sheesh. I love the choices of what people would be doing. I nearly spit out my tea with the image of Wickham stealing into a closet with Mrs. Bennet. ROFL Ah well. Marianne would be scheming so that she and Willoughby would have partnered characters…Elinor somewhat frustrated with the craziness ensuing. Emma would be right in the middle of it assigning characters to those that she thought would suit while Mr. Knightley hoped in his heart that just for once she’d see love in his eyes instead of censure. Mr. Woodhouse would be lamenting the content of that rich cake and telling everyone how very quickly they were going to die from all that sugar consumption.

  4. I imagine Elizabeth and Mr Darcy having friends and family over listening to Georgiana and Elizabeth playing the pianoforte.

  5. Lizzy and Darcy would be hosting a wonderful party for their neighbors where only a few were “overserved”. Georgiana would be sent to bed early. Charles and Jane would of course be with the Darcy’s and would not be at all intoxicated! Mr and Mrs Bennet would be at the Philips home with a large party of noisy, intoxicated people. Mr Bennet would of course remain at home. Lydia and Wickham would be drunk early and fall asleep in their party clothes.

    The Knightleys would have be having a quiet party with only a select few in residence. Mr Woodhouse would be seated before the fire with Mrs Bates nearby for conversation. The Elton’s would be invited, of course, but they would decline and sit before their own fire gossiping about the people who are at the Knightleys.

    The Wentworth family would be aboard ship, hopefully in a warm climate where the party would commence on board with Anne and Frederick going to their cabin early, leaving the sailors to enjoy the evening with some extra punch and a bit of revelry.

  6. I love Twelfth Night!! As Anglicans, we gather at our rector’s home and start with Evening Prayer and then the Burning of the Greens. (My boys have always LOVED this part!) We finish up with sherry and trifle and a King’s Cake. It’s soooooo fun!!

    Happy Twelfth Day of Christmas, everyone!!

    Susanne 🙂

  7. Twelfth Night for some of Jane Austen’s characters:
    Sense and Sensibilty – maybe the Brandons would host a small but elegant celebration, to which the Willoughbys definitely WOULDN’T be invited.
    Pride and Prejudice – if it’s after Darcy and Elizabeth’s wedding, then a masked ball at Pemberley, to which the Wickhams wouldn’t be invited.
    Mansfield Park – there could be a ball at Mansfield Park, but maybe not an elaborate one and Mrs. Norris and Maria Rushworth would be persona non grata here.
    Emma – I can envisage the Knightleys hosting some sort of celebration at Donwell Abbey. Mr. Woodhouse and Mrs. Bates would be tucked away in some quiet secluded corner and Mrs. Elton would have done her best to tell the Knitleys how best to arrange it all. The Churchills would most likely be at Enscombe for their own celebrations.
    Northanger Abbey – maybe everyone would decamp to Eleanor’s home for a masked ball
    Persuasion – if the Wentworths weren’t at sea, I could see them celebrating with the Crofts at Kellynch. The Musgroves would all,be in Uppercross, I think, and the remaining Elliots hoping for an invitation from the Dalrymples.

  8. I can’t imagine Mr. Darcy participating before Elizabeth! “But disguise of every sort is my abhorrence.” — does that include Twelfth Night Characters too?

    The Mansfield Park group would certainly have celebrated if they were okay with performing “Lovers’ Vows.” They would certainly use the celebrations as an excuse for their…personal ambitions.

    I received “A Jane Austen Christmas: Regency Christmas Traditions” as a Christmas gift last year! 🙂

  9. I guess this would depend if couples were married or not. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet would be separated from one another. She at her sister Phillip’s house, him in his library with a good book and port. Wickhams if married both drunk not necessarily together: she flirting with anything in a red coat, him with some woman dumb enough to buy his hard luck stories and sleazy grin. Darcy would be in town trying to figure out how to avoid his Aunt Matlock’s Twelfth Night Ball crawling with all of this season’s daughters and their mothers. Lizzy would probably enjoy doing whatever, because she doesn’t remain melancholy for long. If Darcy is married to Lizzy, they probably are joining the Matlocks for the ball and he might actually enjoy it with Lizzy on his arm. Lady Matlock needs to introduce her to the TON so a ball is as good as any social function. Or,the Darcys have already gone to Pemberley and have a neighborhood ball of their own. Its at Pemberley, Jane and Charles are already there sin e they learned living three miles from Longbourn is too close for comfort!

  10. The choice of the characters for the Twelfth Night celebration are interesting. It certainly would be interesting for a seervant to be chosen as king. Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that night. I may try a smaller recipe of te traditional mince pie (very fresh meat). It might be interesting.

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