Travels in August: Bingley & Jane’s Museum Excursion — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you Marilyn. I love this scene and thoroughly enjoyed reading Pride Prejudice and the Perfect Bed. Thank you for sharing this scene. Perhaps I will re-read this while on vacation.

  2. Makes me want to read these again. I’m really rather fond of Charlie myself. 🙂 I adore museums. DH and I are big fans of history so going to historical sites and things are fabulous too. I’ve toured WWII submarines, gotten strapped into a war bird, had a full tour of an aircraft carrier, walked battlefields, toured historical homes, stayed in a boom town era hotel (with walls so thin you could “bless” the person on the other side)…and then there are all the fabulous museums full of art and historical things…LOL Some day we want to drive down the east coast and visit the colonial sites and such. Beaches are good, hikes are good, hikes combined with history is fab-u-lous! 😉 I just enjoy travelling. Restaurants are hard for me because of my allergy, but I’ll take the other stuff every day.

    • Stephanie,
      Thanks so much for the kind words, my dear!! XOXO And I love hearing about your travels to historical sites. 🙂 My husband is a world history teacher and our son is a major history buff, so whether I’m interested in an historical museum/locale/etc. or not, chances are we’re going to visit it, LOL. The WWII era is a particular favorite of the hubby’s (his dad was a pilot during the war), so he’d feel right at home with all the places you and your DH have toured!!

  3. Thank you Marilyn – this scene looks intriguing and i shall look out for the book. On holiday we like a mix of nature walks and museum visits. On a recent visit to Florida we visited the Louis Comfort Tiffany displays in the Morse museum of American Art at Winter Park and I brought loads of postcards to send to friends and family and one to keep as a bookmark as I love the colour and style of Tiffany. Later on that holiday we enjoyed two days which were total opposites o each other. One day we walked in the Nature reserve at Kennedy space centre and another day we explored the space centre.

    • Ann,
      I’m so glad you found the scene intriguing — thank you! I hope it’s a story you’ll enjoy 😉 . And I’ll bet that Florida trip was wonderful! I’ve never had the opportunity to visit the Kennedy Space Center, but I can imagine that it’s impressive…and I didn’t know there was a nature area there, too. How cool!!

  4. I love the Art Institute!! I went with a bunch of friends whom I’d met on the Internet back in the mid 1990’s; we had created an arts forum and discussed literature, poetry, movies, art, photography, writing (we did NaNoWriMo together), etc. We met at a member’s house near Chicago for a weekend together, and we definitely enjoyed the Art Institute. Loved the Chagall windows (although I don’t like much of his other work), and I fell in love with Saint George and the Dragon. And we did the Pointillism thing from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off which we watched that night after our art museum excursion.

    Loved the insights into Jane and Bingley, too. Thank you, Marilyn!

    Susanne 🙂

    • Susanne,
      Oh, my goodness, yes!!! I’d forgotten about that wonderful scene from Ferris Bueller! Thanks for the reminder — I need to see that film again 😀 . And how very fun that you got to spend a weekend with your art forum friends in Chicago! That experience sounds so wonderful…
      Thanks for your comments about Jane and Bingley, too!! So glad you liked the scene! xo

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